Say hello to your new Project List and Search Pages

Rolling out wave 2 of our new UI


Setting a New Standard for VDR Usability

In the fall, we announced that we’ve been busy upgrading Firmex, updating everything from the user interface (UI) down to the core infrastructure, to create a contemporary, future-proof platform. We’re excited to announce that we are continuing the roll-out process, so that you can experience a faster, more intuitive VDR.

What’s changing?

We began the roll-out of our new UI with simple but widely used elements of our VDR – the Login experience and Site List. Now, we’re moving on to our second wave of updates, which will refresh our Search and Project List pages.

The changes we’re making to the UI are designed to make your data room easier to use. For longtime users, you’ll notice some changes to a number of commonly used functions that will help to simplify and focus your attention, accelerating your ability to get things done. Here are the key changes to note:


  • Search results will now be shown in a table, rather than a list. This means results are easier to read, so you can find what you need faster.

Project List

  • Tabs to switch between Deal Rooms, Users, Reports, and Settings have been replaced by headers in the top right corner.
  • Icons to filter between Active Deals, All Deals, and Archived Projects have been replaced by a dropdown menu.
  • The column icon, used to make changes to columns, has been replaced with a Columns dropdown menu.
  • The button Add Deal Room has been moved from the top left to the top right.

Project Header

  • Tabs to switch between Deal Rooms, Users, Reports, and Settings have been replaced by headers in the top right corner.
  • A new project path has been added to the right of the Header to help users quickly navigate between different Firmex sites.
  • Page tabs have been moved to the right of the Header.
  • The Help and Logout buttons have been moved to the User Menu dropdown.

What’s staying the same?

While layouts have been updated and some buttons have moved around, the functionality of your VDR will not change. So while things may look a bit different, the range and outcome of the actions you perform will remain as expected.

When will I start seeing changes?

Depending on where you fall on our release schedule, you will see your new Search and Project List pages anytime from late February to early March.

How can I get more information or provide feedback?

Your feedback on our new releases is very valuable to us. It helps us continue to make Firmex better for you and your users. Please reach out to your sales or success representative with any questions or comments you may have. As a reminder, our 24/7/365 Support team is always available to lend a hand, should you need it.


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