World-class virtual data room security & document control.

Multiple levels of security & data room features ensure the safety of your documents.

Advanced virtual data room security features.

Intuitive & powerful features offer control & peace of mind.
  • Customizable document permissions

    You control who can see each document, how they can access it, and for how long.

  • Disable the ability to save, print, copy & share

    Protecting documents means more than just blocking access. Prevent users from saving, printing, or copying documents to avoid offline leaks.

  • Dashboards & reporting

    We give you the power of knowledge. As an administrator, you can know when each user logs on, when they access a document, and how they use it.

  • Intuitive user management

    We make it easy to add users, set their access levels, and make sure they can see exactly which documents you want them to see.

  • Lock documents to IP number & computer

    Only allow users to view documents from a specific IP address and computer to assure they’re using them in a safe & secure location.

  • Revoke documents remotely

    Want something back? We make it quick & easy by letting you revoke document access remotely.

  • Dynamic watermarks

    Keep track of your documents with customizable electronic watermarks, so nothing can get misused or misplaced.

  • Document expire

    Set exactly how long each document is viewable, no matter where it goes, so that your confidential information is only available for the right amount of time.

    View Document Expire

  • Two-factor password authentication

    Eliminate the effects of password theft by requiring users and administrators to login with two factors, like a password plus a unique phone code.

We bring security to a higher level.

Discover why over 100,000 companies have trusted us for keeping their documents safe.

Internationally-recognized Security Compliances.

We’ve been assessed and awarded the top security compliances in our industry.
  • SOC 2

    Compliant with Service Organization Controls (SOC) standards for the secure handling of financial information within a service organization. Assessed in accordance with the seven SOC Security Principles (TSPs), including organization, communications, risk management, control monitoring, physical data access, system operations, & change management.

  •  SAS70 Type II

    Compliant with the United States Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) section 70, which applies to service organizations. Assess the controls applied to data within an organization & their effectiveness.


    Compliant with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1966, requiring multiple technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. Verified at the highest of three levels of HIPAA’s privacy, security, & breach notification assessments.

    Review Certificate

  •  CSAE3416

    Compliant with the Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements (CSAE) for Controls at a Service Organization, the Canadian extension of the International Standard on Assurance Engagements.

Unsurpassed data protection & encryption.

We take numerous physical, technological, & institutional measures to protect your data.
  • Leading encryption technology

    We use 256-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption for data in transit and at rest and equip all parts of our process with industry-strength antivirus software.

  • Disaster management

    Multiple data centres and disaster scenario plans ensure that data remains unaffected in an emergency situation.

  • Physical data protection

    We use the same data centres as major financial institutions, which feature physical security measures like biometric and key card access, fire control, multiple backups, and 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

  • Multiple firewalls

    Your data sits behind firewalls at every point of transit to prevent, detect, & stop all intruders.

  • Ongoing risk assessment

    We stay aware of new threats and adapt our security measures before they can affect your data.

  • " incredibly intuitive product that affords us the security we require. — saves us a lot of time, which is of the utmost importance in Mergers & Acquisitions."

    — Kevin Hawkins, Bowen Advisors
  • "Firmex delivered — from the smooth data room setup & robust security, to the thoroughness of training & promptness on support."

    — Tim Hollaar, Royal Nickel Corporation
  • " ideal solution for securely managing the distribution of a large volume of information to multiple parties."

    — Douglas Warren, Bruce Power

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