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Firmex for Investment Banking

Get your M&A deals done through confident, controlled sharing with Firmex. You’ll be deal ready in no time with our intuitive interface, easy setup, and always-on support. Streamline the sell-side deal process with advanced features like Firmex Redact, EmaiI In, and Q&A.


new data room projects per year.


customers in 110 countries have trusted Firmex.


expert support.


Bombardier sells Bombardier Transportation to Alstom for €5.9B


Enbridge sells natural gas business to Brookfield for CA$4.3B


Kraft Heinz Co. sells natural cheese business to Parmalat SpA for US$1.23B

Made For Dealmakers

With more than 20,000 new data rooms opened every year, more deals get done on Firmex. Here’s why.

Deals Up and Running in Minutes

Our expert in-house support team helps setup your virtual data room to get your deals started quickly.

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Clear and Convenient Pricing

Avoid surprises from costly overage fees and per page limits. Discover the hassle-free benefits of our predictable, transparent pricing so you can stay on plan and on budget.

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Easy Document Uploading

Drag-and-drop documents up to 10 GB from your office or on the go via our mobile app.

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Complimentary Deal Staging

Keep your deal team organized and ready for diligence at a moment’s notice. Organize, index, and redact diligence documents prior to deal launch.

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Always-on Support

Because more deals get done on Firmex, our 24/7/365 customer support is always ready to help at any hour, with response times in one minute or less.

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Firmex Security

Multi-Layer Security That Keeps Documents Safe

Our layered approach to security is what keeps your documents safe, confidential, and secure.

  • Lock down documents
  • Advanced user permissions
  • Secure, encrypted environment
  • Certified and compliant with major industry standards

“Firmex is my go to data room provider. I like that it is user friendly and cost effective relative to alternatives. Also excellent customer service.”

Michael S., Vice President, Investment Banking, 5001-10,000 Employees

“Firmex is an essential service used for mid-market M&A. The overall experience has been great, with exceptional customer service and ease of use.”

Huzaifa K., Corporate Finance Associate, Financial Services, 10,001+ Employees

“Very positive experience. I think Firmex is easy to use and is my go-to data rom.”

Paul G., Associate, Banking, 1001-5000 Employees

“Best product on the market.”

Franklin P., Vice President, Financial Services, 1-10 Employees

“I’ve never had a client unable to understand how to use or access the data room. The customer service is the best I’ve seen. Very amenable if a transaction takes longer or goes on pause.”

Wesley D., Vice President, Investment Banking, 11-50 Employees

“For the price, this product is a fantastic value. Easy to use and has most of the features we need without all of the unnecessary functions that some other providers have added to their platforms.”

Michael S., Analyst, Banking, 51-200 Employees

Choose a Plan: Subscription or Single Use

Whether you need a data room for a one-time transaction, or work on multiple projects per year, Firmex has the right solution for you.


Run multiple projects for one affordable annual fee. Recommended for clients who open more than two projects per year.


  • Manage all of your deal mandates all in one place
  • Quick and easy setup
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Cost effective when running more than one diligence process
  • Provide value-added service to advisors with a virtual data room
  • Easily manage users across projects with SSO
  • Manage diligence documents across multiple acquisition targets

Processes Supported

Buy-side and Sell-side M&A, Financing, Restructuring

detailed reports

Single Use

Run a one-time deal or project based on a fixed fee. Quickly and easily extend or upgrade at any time.


  • One project
  • Quick and easy setup
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Fixed fee
  • Subscribe any time
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Team that cares

Always-on Expert Support

Our award-winning support team has supported thousands of projects and deals, and is on standby, ready to help.

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Industry-leading support responds instantly
  • Full archiving service once your project or deal is done

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