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There’s a reason our customers start 15,000 new data rooms a year. With Firmex, sharing documents is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Value and versatility.

Whether you opt for a per-use transaction or an unlimited-use subscription, your costs will be predictable with no hidden fees.


We keep things simple.

We’ll get your virtual data room up and running fast, help your team ramp up, and reduce demands on your time.


Expert support start to close.

Our in-house experts have supported more projects than any other data room provider. We’re here to help 24/7/365.

All the features you need, none that you don’t.

Firmex puts the core features you need at your fingertips. Our experience helping clients run over 80,000 projects has enabled us to focus on what really matters.


Save Time with Drag-and-Drop

Effortlessly bulk upload documents and folders to get your project live fast. Auto-indexing keeps everything organized and easy to find.

Manage Users and Groups

Quickly add users, set group-level permissions, and use ‘View As’ to verify exactly what users will see before they enter your data room.

Dashboards and Reporting

Uncover user and document activity including when users log on, which documents they access, and how they use the information.

Control Documents with DRM

Apply watermarks, redact content, restrict viewing, saving and printing, lock documents to a specific computer, or remotely expire access to documents.

Virtual Data Room Solution Testimonial Gillian Stacey

Closing a deal without Firmex Data Room would be like running an airport without air traffic control.

— Gillian Stacey, Partner & Technology Committee Chair, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
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Why choose Firmex?

Think all data rooms are created equal? Think again. Here’s how we’re different from the other guys.

Generic File Sharing Tools

Restricted by security-conscious companies; trusted by millions of teens to share pirated movies.

  • Low initial cost until you factor in user frustration, delays, and the risk of leaks and breaches.
  • Basic email or online support with scripted answers and little or no industry expertise.
  • A generic tool for generic use — not purpose-built to support high-stakes processes
  • Basic interface for basic consumer uses — great for sharing vacation videos, not confidential documents.
  • Minimal or no customization. You have to adapt to the tool, not the other way around.

Legacy Data Room Providers

Trusted on the basis of name and reputation, but come up short on innovation and value.

  • Antiquated “per page” pricing adds cost uncertainty. Designed for large clients with deep pockets.
  • Extra help — if you’re willing to pay for it. Outsourced, multi-tiered support can put a lot of call transfers between you and the answers you need.
  • Legacy baggage including loads of features you’ll likely never find or use.
  • Cluttered legacy interfaces create confusion for users.
  • Customization comes at a high added cost.

Firmex Redact: Reduce Risk for the Entire Diligence Process


Securely redact personally identifiable and sensitive information—all without leaving your Firmex virtual data room.


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World-class security, control & compliance.

Compliant with major international security certifications, our VDR keeps your data locked away in the same super secure data centers as major banks & financial institutions.

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data centres

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)

  • Watermarks

  • Redaction


  • Single Sign On





  • Control where your documents reside

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All your questions answered.

Have questions about the Firmex data room service, pricing or support? Here are answers to the most common questions.

  • What is a virtual data room?

    A virtual data room [VDR] is a secure online space for safely sharing confidential documents beyond the corporate firewall. Its product interface and premium, professional level of support are specially tailored to accommodate complex business processes and workflows including M&A due diligence, litigation and compliance where the disclosure of sensitive information, large-scale collaboration and complex security scenarios involving numerous parties are required.

  • How secure are virtual data rooms?

    Data rooms offer the same industry-level security as major banks and financial institutions. Your information is kept in super-secure ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data centers with fire and disaster safeguards; keycard access; and equally secure mirror sites. The Firmex VDR also has several internationally recognized security certifications, including HIPAA and SOC 2. Additionally, the product offers numerous security and document protection features, including single sign on (SSO), two-factor password authentication, fully customizable access settings, document expire, and more. All documents are encrypted at rest with AES-256. During transit, files use a secure connection and support negotiation up to TLS 1.2 using a prioritized list of ciphers. The Firmex VDR proudly maintains an A+ score on

  • Where does Firmex VDR store my documents?

    With Firmex, you have complete control over where your documents and Personal Data are stored. With storage locations in Canada, the United States, and the European Union (Germany), you have the option to choose where your data room documents reside. When you launch your Firmex VDR service, you can easily select your preferred document storage location. All files within your Firmex Virtual Data Room will only be stored in your selected location. No Personal Data is transferred to the USA unless chosen as the document storage location.

  • Can I tailor a virtual data room to my particular business needs?

    A data room should allow for highly adaptive interfaces and integration into a company’s IT systems and business workflows. They should also allow for custom branding to make the site your own. Unlike solutions that force you to adapt to their way of doing things, Firmex can be tailored to fit your specific needs with help from our product and industry experts.

  • Why use a Virtual Data Room during M&A?

    A Firmex makes complex processes like M&A due diligence much easier, safer and more efficient. The VDR allows full control over confidential information so you can focus on the process rather than worrying about the security of your sensitive documents or intellectual property. All communication with users and all data room activity is recorded in a full audit trail.

  • How does a data room streamline M&A deals?

    Using a data room is the easiest and safest way of ensuring that deal flow moves quickly without any potentially critical information breaches. The VDR provides the ability to share sensitive documents in an organized and secure manner, while maintaining control of the entire deal process. There are also “power tools” that streamline processes like Q&A and document versioning to simplify due diligence and keep your project moving.

  • What should I consider when choosing a data room?

    When choosing a data room provider, consider how easy it is to: upload and download documents; set security for different users; change access quickly if the mood changes during negotiations; shut down access instantly if needed; and restrict access to some parties. Support is also important: does the VDR provider offer true 24/7/365 support (including weekends and holidays); do they outsource support; what are their SLAs; and most importantly, do they have industry expertise to understand your business?

  • Why not use a standard file sharing tool?

    Basic file sharing tools are intended for simple use. These low-cost solutions sometimes get labeled as ‘data rooms’ but they have limited functionality to support your project. They’re good for sharing everyday files like photos, but complex processes like due diligence, compliance and litigation typically warrant more advanced features, control, and security. There’s a lot at stake when you’re sharing confidential or privileged information and intellectual property. Choosing the wrong tool for the job can cause frustration for your users and delays that you don’t want when you’re in the midst of a project. When used for anything more than basic functionality, standard file sharing systems can also cause potential security risks.

  • What kind of support can I expect from Firmex?

    Firmex support is available 24/7/365, including weekends and holidays. You’ll get real-time response to product experts with no waiting around for answers. We’ll also support and train anyone involved in your Firmex VDR project. This is a level of professional expertise and responsiveness you simply won’t get with a basic file sharing or low-cost VDR solution.

  • How much information does a data room hold?

    Firmex hold as much information as your company needs. We will work with your company to determine your needs and adjust storage, all at a reasonable price.

  • Does Firmex automate Q&A?

    Yes. Firmex VDR has a sophisticated Q&A feature for automating the whole process that’s intuitive, efficient and secure. During due diligence, the ability to manage the Q&A process for multiple buyers within the VDR without having to rely on spreadsheets or email makes Q&A much faster and less tedious for everyone involved.

  • How quickly can a Firmex Data Room be up and running?

    With a Firmex VDR, you will be up and be running in minutes. Our expert customer service team will be available immediately to help with setup and answer any questions.

  • Do I need some training to use Firmex VDR?

    Firmex data rooms are designed to be intuitive and ready to use immediately. However, our customer service team is standing by 24/7/365 to help you set up your data room and get it ready for your specific project. They also offer training, customized instruction manuals. You can also access our Knowledge Base for online tutorials, videos, and how-to guides.

  • Who can I invite to my virtual data room?

    You can invite anyone, internally or externally, to the data room by adding their email address. Our “groups” feature allows you to organize access settings for groups of individuals and re-apply those settings to any other projects they are part of to save you set-up time.

  • When does a VDR subscription make more sense than per-use transactions?

    If you open more than two data rooms a year, a Firmex unlimited-use subscription will save you 25% or more over “pay-as-you-go” per project data room transactions. Start, stop & extend projects at will with no transaction timelines to worry about. Subscription clients get 2-3X more use out of their Firmex VDR than per project clients.

  • What variables impact the price of a Firmex data room subscription?

    Subscription pricing depends on two simple variables:

    1. The number of internal users who need access to Firmex
    2. The amount of data storage you need.


    Our team will work with you determine your storage needs, so you’ll know upfront how much you’ll be paying for the service with no unexpected surprises down the road. Firmex does not charge based on bandwidth, only storage.

  • How long do data rooms typically stay open and how much storage is needed?

    The majority of our clients open data rooms for 6 months and require at least 1 GB of storage.

  • If I take information down from the VDR, will my storage increase?

    Yes. Removing information from your VDR project will free up more available data storage for you to use.

  • Can I bill my clients for the data room usage?

    Yes, some of our clients pass along the cost to their clients; others opt to provide data room services to their clients as a value added feature at no extra charge. It’s entirely up to you.

  • How do I get started?

    Contact our team for a live one-on-one demo, free trial, and pricing information.