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Award-winning data room experts on call day or night.

Combining deep industry expertise with a caring, personal touch, our in-house support team delivers 24/7/365 customer service that never rests.

Quick & Painless Setup

Firmex can have your data room live within minutes, not days, to keep your process moving. Every business day, we help our clients set up over 50 new projects.

Real People & Expertise

Real-time access to dedicated support staff with experience helping clients support a range of processes. With Firmex, above and beyond is standard.

One-on-One Help

We offer one-on-one support and best practices for managing the flow of documents for your specific process so you’ll be securely sharing files like a pro in no time.

Your Users are Always in Good Hands

Every guest you invite to your data room has access to the same 24/7/365 support as you do. You can trust us to give your users the right answers with no runaround.

A Data Room Designed Just for You

We’ll custom design a data room that perfectly fits your business processes and requirements. No project is too large or complex.

One Level of Premium Service for All

Every client receives the same level of positive, proactive and responsive support. Day or night, weekends and holidays, we’re ready to help.

Firmex Stories: What great service is all about.

Our team shares some memorable moments helping our customers, and talks about what makes them excited to come to work every day.


Firmex service and support is second to none! I love working with the Firmex team—they are all outstanding!

— Sandy Roth, Business Analyst, Bryan Cave

Firmex provided me with five-star training. The support team was very concise and clear… and provided useful suggestions.

— Jordan Breslow, General Counsel, Etsy

Firmex customer support is outstanding! They don’t just assist our company, but any participant in our data room as well—quickly and efficiently.

— Lori Forrest, Executive Director, Finance/Controller, PanOptica, Inc.