Personalized customer service that never rests.
Over 95% of support requests are answered in 5 minutes or less.

Expert Customer Service.

Let our experts support your deal from start to finish.

Deals are stressful enough. Having one of our experts on hand helps your team collaborate more efficiently, minimizes errors, and reduces demands on your time.

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Give your next deal the support it deserves.

95% of our customers give our support team a perfect score.

Unlimited expert support.

We’re like an extra member of your team.

Our experts will answer any of your questions, no matter how big or small, any time you need us. We deal with each inquiry as a unique case – no reading from scripts or transferring calls – so we’re there for you, excited to help.

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We’re available 24/7/365.

We mean it: Any time, day or night, holidays & weekends.

Deals don’t rest, and neither do we. Whether you’re pulling an all nighter, working through the weekend, or skipping a holiday to get the deal done, we’re right there with you to answer any of your questions.

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Dedicated representatives.

With tens of thousands of deals, we know how to help.

As soon as you purchase our product, you’ll be assigned a client services representative who will work with you from setting up the VDR to closing the deal, and everything in between. When you have questions, you won’t just get anyone – you’ll get an expert who understands your unique needs.

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    We’ll manage all the extra tasks behind the scenes, so you can get back to managing the deal.

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  • "The 24/7 client support was invaluable & when I needed support, even on weekends, the Firmex team was always available."

    — Elizabeth Gordon, EG Consulting, Inc.
  • "The Support staff is awesome!"

    — Wendy Michael, Vice President of Marketing at MASI, Ltd.
  • "Firmex provided me with five-star training. The support team was very concise and clear... and provided useful suggestions."

    — Jordan Breslow, General Counsel, Etsy

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