January 2020 Product Updates

This first release of the new year and new decade brings an update to Firmex Single Sign On (SSO). The update expands the control and versatility of your virtual data room, making it even easier and faster to log in and manage your VDR users.


Latest Improvements at a Glance

In this video, Ronen Segall, our Product Education Manager, presents a quick walkthrough of the latest feature updates to your virtual data room.

SSO: Simplify User Management and the VDR Experience

SSO is a service that enables you to access your VDR with a single set of credentials. In addition to quicker user access, SSO gives Firmex admins the ability to easily manage and remove users.

This month, we’ve added compatibility with Microsoft ADFS, in addition to our existing support of Azure AD, OneLogin, and Okta identity providers. You can request support for additional identity providers by simply contacting us. Best of all, SSO is included with your Firmex VDR and can be easily setup in ten minutes.

Download the SSO Information Sheet

Firmex Power Tools: View As

You’ve been collecting, reviewing, and organizing documents for months. It’s almost time to invite your guests to the project. Wouldn’t it be great to double check things before you send the invitations? Preview your project from the point of view of one of your users? We’ve developed a tool for that called View As.

It lets you select a group or a user in the VDR and instantly see your project from that user’s point of view. We recommend using View As after setting up groups and permissions, but before inviting users to your project.

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