Find out what the world’s most widely used data room can do for you.

Whether your focus is fundraising, environmental audits, M&A or a joint venture, you’ll be ready for anything with a Firmex Virtual Data Room.

A Firmex Virtual Data Room helps you navigate the complex business and regulatory challenges involved in developing renewable energy projects. With our SOC 2 compliant solution, you can reliably share high volumes of technical and financial documents, including large architectural and CAD files, with investors, partners, auditors, regulators, and experts working in the field. From RFPs and bid management to acquiring and divesting properties, Firmex ensures that nothing gets in the way of a successful outcome.


new data room projects per year.


customers in 80 countries trust Firmex Virtual Data Rooms.


in total transactional value run on the Firmex VDR platform.

One powerful data room. Many uses.

When the stakes are high, the world’s leading renewable energy companies trust Firmex to run mission-critical processes quickly and efficiently and get projects across the finish line.


When an investment opportunity arrives, you need to move fast. Accelerate a successful raise by using Firmex to organize and share confidential information with potential investors. Efficiently manage due diligence, restrict access, and monitor all activity in the data room to identify serious investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Keep M&A transactions moving and streamline due diligence. Set granular permissions to control and stage access to confidential documents, and track all user activity to see who is most engaged.

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Financial Audits

Be prepared for an audit by keeping all of your confidential financial documents organized and ready for review in a secure Firmex Virtual Data Room. Stay on top of auditors’ questions with our built-in Q&A tool.

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Joint Ventures

Preparation is key to a successful joint venture. Establish trust by presenting confidential documents for due diligence in a timely and professional manner. Once you’ve narrowed the field, use Firmex to quickly and efficiently negotiate contracts and closing documents.

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Environmental Audits

Import an audit checklist into the Firmex VDR, drag and drop supporting documents, and use tags and statuses to assign documents to team members. Keep track of auditors’ questions with our built-in Q&A tool so nothing gets overlooked.

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Bid Management

Control the flow of documents between multiple parties, and use Firmex’s built-in Q&A module to quickly and efficiently manage, route and answer questions for contracts and compliance.

We’re very happy we went with Firmex to handle our due diligence, bid management and project collaboration needs, and they come with our highest recommendation.

— Dan Cox, Director. Project Development, Potentia Renewables Inc.

How It Works

A Firmex VDR makes it easy to stay organized and in control. You determine who sees what, and can track who logged in, when, from which IP address, and what information was viewed.


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Firmex has been great supporting my team to learn the data room. I also love the fact that I can create as many projects as I need, and being able to track who has been in and out of the data room and what they have looked at has helped me on more than one occasion.

— Paula McGarrigle, Managing Director, Solas Energy Consulting

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