February 2020 Product Updates

For February, we’re highlighting the behind the scenes work that our team does every month to ensure that your VDR is available, stable, and fast! Plus, we take a closer look at the Q&A tool in your VDR.


February Improvements at a Glance

Take a quick look at the latest feature updates to your virtual data room in this video with Ronen Segall, our Product Education Manager.

Keeping Your VDR Fast, Stable, and Available

We know that you do intense, time sensitive work. That’s why every month, our platform team improves the performance, stability, and availability of your VDR.

In January alone, our VDR served up 700,000 documents to 45,000 users, across more than 125 countries. And since we know that there’s no downtime in your business, we kept an uptime of 100%.

In Case You Missed It

Here’s a summary of what we released in the last three months: 

  1. New Document Activity Email Notification Report
    Ensure time sensitive documents are delivered on time. With this new report, you gain a higher level of transparency into the document activity notification process.

  2. New Single Sign On
    With support for multiple identity providers, SSO makes managing you users easier and more secure. Download the SSO Information Sheet.

  3. New API
    Better streamline and automate workflows and increase efficiency with the Firmex API. Integrate your VDR with other third-party applications. Download the API Information Sheet.

Firmex Power Tools: Q&A

Whether you’re running a deal or an RFP, one thing that can bog down your projects are stakeholder questions—a lot of them, from multiple sources. Every question needs to be sorted, distributed, answered, and approved within a limited amount of time.

Your VDR has a built-in Q&A tool that works with your project’s users, documents, and permissions, so you don’t need to access an external tool to get your Q&A process done. The Q&A tool is flexible enough to be used for small deals or even large RFPs with complex regulatory requirements.

It’s a feature that comes with your VDR and is easy to set up. Learn more about Q&A.


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