Find out what the world’s most widely used data room can do for you.

Whether your focus is fundraising, licensing, clinical trials or M&A, a Firmex Virtual Data Room can help you get your project across the finish line.

Anytime you need to share confidential information, the risk of a breach is real. Exposing sensitive information to the wrong people at the wrong time can hurt your chances of a successful licensing deal, IPO, or valuation. The world’s leading biotech and pharma companies trust Firmex Virtual Data Rooms to share confidential documents with licensing partners, bidders, investors, CROs, consultants, and regulators.


All of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the USA have used Firmex.


of the top 50 global pharma companies have shared documents with Firmex.


in total transactional value run on the Firmex Virtual Data Room platform.

One powerful data room. Many uses.

A Firmex VDR helps biotech and pharma companies — from small startups to big pharma — run mission-critical processes. When the stakes are high, companies trust Firmex.

In/Out Licensing

Whether you’re licensing innovations to or from another party, a Firmex data room allows you to be ready for any opportunity. Organize all information related to a drug or device in one secure location and safely share confidential documents without putting your IP in jeopardy. Present yourself and your innovations in a professional manner and keep licensing deals moving with the world’s most trusted virtual data room.

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Don’t let anything to get in the way of a successful raise. Firmex makes organizing and sharing large volumes of confidential information with potential investors, lenders, auditors, and limited partners faster, easier, and more secure. Efficiently manage due diligence, restrict access to only the right people at the right time, and monitor how parties are engaging with documents in the data room to identify serious investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll always be deal-ready with a Firmex data room. Disclose confidential documents to the right parties at the right time in a secure and professional manner, phase due diligence, and track how third parties are engaging with documents in the data room to gauge the seriousness of bidders.

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Clinical Trials

Securely upload and share large files and keep track of CRO communications before and during clinical trials. Use the built-in Q&A module to quickly and efficiently manage, route and answer questions. Your contractors can upload reports and findings directly to the Firmex VDR, keeping everything centralized, secure, and compliant.

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Firmex has provided us with excellent service at a reasonable cost. The data room is easy to populate with information and easy to access and navigate.

— Tim Brears, CEO, Evonetix Ltd.

How It Works

A Firmex Virtual Data Room makes it easy to stay organized and in control. You determine who sees what, and can track who logged in, when, from which IP address, and what information was viewed.


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We work with some of the world’s biggest pharma companies. That they consent to our use of Firmex for their projects is a testimony that they believe in Firmex’s security standards and certifications.

— Dr. Christoph Bieri, Managing Partner, Kurmann Partners AG

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