Firmex as an Internal Document Repository

A VDR used as a document repository or corporate intranet makes referencing and storing internal documents easy and convenient. Here are some examples.

A VDR used as a document repository or corporate intranet makes referencing and storing internal documents easy and convenient. The repository stores a variety of company documents, from the organizational chart to employee reviews and historical financial documents. The key is being able to control who can access what documents.

In today’s guide I’ll show you some of the ways in which our clients are using Firmex as a document repository.

Split by department

Consider splitting each department into its own repository. This makes controlling access straightforward.


Each repository has two groups – an Administrator group, and the rest of the department. For example, invite the Director of Sales to the Administrator group, and the rest of the sales team to a second group that can view documents.

Onboarding employees

One HR department uses Firmex to efficiently onboard new employees. The “New Employee” directory in the Corporate project contains blank forms and guide such as the company handbook, employee policies, benefits plan, and insurance forms new employees need to sign.

Employee records

Each employee receives her own directory in the HR project. There, each employee’s agreement is stored along with annual reviews, bonus information, and special benefit plans. The information is managed by the director of HR and available to the employee’s manager.

Document Versions ensure that employees and managers are viewing the latest document, and can reference historical documents when needed.

Vendor contracts

Accounting departments use a Firmex document repository to store and reference vendor contracts. Each vendor receives its own folder in the Accounting project that contains current and historical contract information. Folder status is used to indicate whether a vendor is Active or Inactive.


Compliance tracking

Companies that need to adhere to SOC II or HIPAA compliance use Firmex as a document repository for tracking and delivering compliance incidents and requests. Firmex’s reporting tracks all activity in and out of a project as well as document creation and retrieval dates.

Audits, board meetings, and presentations

Collecting and distributing documents with parties outside the company firewall is simple once a document repository is established. Sharing meeting minutes with board members, copying financial documents to an audit project, and distributing presentations with conference attendees is easily handled.


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