Firmex VDR for Clinical Trials

Use your VDR for more than just deals. Helpful tips on sharing your clinical trial data with partners and regulatory bodies.

Storing and sharing your clinical trial data in an easily accessible and secure online location is crucial to the development of your drug. Controlling access between multiple parties, as well as ensuring that the correct data is being presented to regulatory bodies, are just a few of the things a Firmex VDR can help you with.

One project, multiple access levels

Keep all of your drug data under one project. That means you use the same project to share clinical trial data with partners, research data with laboratories, and regulatory information with regulators. You get to control each group’s access levels.


Keeping your documents secure

Keeping your documents safe, while keeping them accessible, is at the heart of our business. We’ve worked with 100% of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world, ensuring that your data gets seen by the right people without the hassle of additional software and plug-ins.


You decide the level of security per group or document – watermark every document, set an expiry date, and even prevent the document from being saved or printed – the choice is yours.

One document, multiple versions

Your clinical trials have produced mountains of documents. Making sure you, your partners, and regulators are always looking at the “document of truth” is handled by Firmex’s version control.

Version control ensures that outside groups are always accessing the most recent version of a document, while you and your team have access to previous versions that include internal comments, notes, and status.


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