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Streamline government & infrastructure projects with a Firmex Data Room.

A Firmex Virtual Data Room helps you prepare for and navigate the complex management and procurement challenges involved in large-scale government and infrastructure projects. With our SOC 2 compliant solution, you can reliably share high volumes of technical and financial documents, including large architectural and design files, with bidders, vendors, partners, and experts working in the field. From RFPs and bid management to public-private partnerships (PPPs) and joint ventures, Firmex ensures that nothing gets in the way of a successful outcome.


customers in 80 countries trust Firmex Virtual Data Rooms.


new data room projects started per year by our clients.


in total transactional value run on the Firmex Virtual Data Room platform.

One powerful data room. Many uses.

When the stakes are high, all levels of government trust Firmex to run mission-critical processes quickly and efficiently and get large-scale projects across the finish line.

Bid Management

Streamline procurement and control the flow of documents between multiple bidders during the RFQ and RFP stages of a procurement project. Use Firmex’s built-in Q&A module to quickly and efficiently manage, route and answer questions for contracts and RFIs in a professional manner that supports accountability, trust, and compliance.

Vendor Management

After a bid is successful, use a Firmex VDR to centrally manage vendor relationships. Communicate and exchange high volumes of large documents including specifications and architectural drawing with vendors, contractors and third parties.

Public Real Estate

Streamline due diligence during the valuation, selling and leasing of government-owned properties. Manage public-private partnerships for the maintenance and renovation of facilities.

Monitorships & Trusteeships

With a Firmex VDR, companies or institutions subject to oversight by monitors or trustees can easily upload documents to demonstrate compliance. Use Firmex’s built-in Q&A tool to tag, assign, and route questions from monitors or trustees so nothing is overlooked.

We used a competitor previously, and because of the costs, we were very selective about what projects ran within a data room. We’ve now switched to Firmex, which gives us the cost certainty of one price for virtually unlimited use.

— Douglas Warren, Bruce Power

How It Works

A Firmex VDR makes it easy to stay organized and in control. You determine who sees what, and can track who logged in, when, from which IP address, and what information was viewed.


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The RFP and associated documents were made available through the Firmex Virtual Data Room…. New schedules and revised schedules to the Project Agreement were released on Firmex as they became available…. Proponents were notified by Firmex whenever a new document was posted…. We reviewed on Firmex all questions submitted by the Proponents and proposed answers prepared by the Project team.

— Government of Canada Value for Money Report: New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project

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