Firmex VDR for Pharma Licensing

Your Firmex Virtual Data Room can be used for more than just deals. Helpful tips on structuring your VDR for a successful pharma licensing deal. 

Your team has spent years on drug discovery and development, clinical trials, and approvals. It’s now time for you to share these documents outside your company with potential partners and investors. Here is how a Firmex VDR helps your licensing process along.

Reduce error

Reduce the chance of error by creating one project per drug, rather than housing multiple drugs in one project. Creating this division at the top-most level makes controlling access straightforward. Users will only see the drugs and devices they are invited to see. The rest remain hidden. project-list

Setting permissions made easy

Be prepared for any licensing opportunity by housing all of the information related to your drug or device inside your project.  That means putting together all of the drug’s development, research, and clinical trial data in one place. You choose which information to show to which user.

Think of how you would like to present the information to outside parties, not just in terms of ease of access, but in terms of your ease of control. Separating the information into directories, like in the example below, makes it easy for your users to see the information at a glance, while giving you greater control over access.


In the example above (Aradexan), all of the device’s documents are contained in the project. Each stage – from discovery, clinical trials, regulatory, financial, to legal – is contained in its own directory. The power in this configuration comes when inviting groups to the project. As the administrator you get to decide which directories the group sees, and which they don’t.


Invite a drug partner, and only reveal the Discovery and R+D directories. Invite a regulator, and only reveal the Regulatory + Legal directories. For licensing purposes, reveal the publications and marketing materials, and once more interest is shown, reveal the clinical trial data, financial data, etc. The choice is yours.


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