Introducing the New Firmex UI

Big announcement: Firmex is upgrading!


Setting a new standard for VDR usability

Over the past 10 months, we have been busy upgrading Firmex to make a good thing great. We’ve updated everything from the user interface (UI) down to the core infrastructure, to create a contemporary, future-proof platform. We’re excited to announce that we are beginning the roll-out process, so that you can start to experience a faster, more intuitive VDR.

What’s changing?

You want the best possible VDR experience, and we’re ready to give it to you. We know you need your dataroom to be fast, intuitive, and professional-looking. We’ve made some major improvements so that Firmex can deliver on those promises better than ever:

  1. Best-in-class foundations
    A best-in-class VDR starts with best-in-class foundations, which is why we’ve made the move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – so you can have total technical reliability, availability, and responsiveness, now. Migrating to AWS also means Firmex is primed to handle increasing complexity and scale, while maintaining the ease and efficiency you get today.
  2. A UI framework designed with you in mind
    You’ll notice measurable improvements in your VDR’s responsiveness with the new, modern programming framework we’ve implemented. Plus, an optimized design based on “user-centric principles” delivers our most intuitive VDR experience yet.
  3. Faster downloads and simplified file management to accelerate your deals
    Up to 25% faster download speeds means less waiting and more deal-making. And, an increase in the single file download limit from 1GB to 20GB means managing large files no longer requires you to install software or re-assemble .zips. This benefit was made available in last month’s release, but is a result of the work we’ve done upgrading our platform!

What’s staying the same?

Your Firmex dataroom is going to start looking a little different, but the way that users execute core actions will not change. So don’t worry! There won’t be any interruptions to you or any of your users’ product experience, and there won’t be any need for additional training as a result of these upgrades.

In fact, by making the interface more intuitive, the learning curve for new users is shorter, making deal-making easier than ever.

When will I start seeing changes?

Starting now and continuing through 2023, you’ll see the refreshed Firmex released in waves as new elements are completed and pass our rigorous testing processes. This way, you’ll benefit from changes sooner, and can get used to the new look over time.

The first changes you’ll see include simple but widely used elements of our VDR – the Login experience and Site List. Later on, you’ll see updates to Search, the Documents tab, Groups & Users, as well as Q&A.

Firmex users will see an email close to each release that will outline the full details on what’s updating and what you can expect, so that you have time to anticipate the changes. Details will also be published on our Touchpoint blog.

How can I get more information or provide feedback?

Your feedback on our new releases is very valuable to us. It helps us continue to make Firmex better for you and your users. Please reach out to your sales or success representative with any questions or comments you may have. As a reminder, our 24/7/365 Support team is always available to lend a hand, should you need it.


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