November 2020 Product Updates

For the month of November, we’re highlighting some of the ways that deals are run remotely during a pandemic and some new trends we’re seeing in how our virtual data rooms are used.


November Updates at a Glance

In this video our Product Education Manager, Ronen Segall, shows you a few key VDR user trends we’ve noticed here at Firmex, as well tips on how to monitor and control your project while you’re away from your computer.

Staying in Control While Working Remotely

We understand that the pandemic may have changed the way deals are run while working from home. Here are several Firmex features that let you monitor and control your project while you’re away from your computer.

Mobile App
When you’re away from your desk and need a more robust solution than just using your phone, Firmex VDR for iOS is the right tool for the job. It gives you control and the real estate to manage documents, set up and invite users, and monitor deal activity while on the go.

Email In
Sometimes you need to upload a few documents to the VDR, but just can’t get to a computer for a while. In these cases, Email In is the secure solution for getting documents from your phone to the VDR.

Email Notifications
With our Document Activity Email Notification, every time a document is uploaded to your VDR, you’ll be notified via email. It could be an immediate email for time-sensitive projects, or an email digest once an hour, once a day, or once a week. You can set up the notification frequency according to your own schedule.

For more information on working remotely in your VDR, check out our Knowledge Base.

We Host Video Files Too

As companies continue to work remotely, we’re seeing more video files being uploaded to Firmex. Whether you’re sharing recordings of virtual Zoom meetings, management presentations, or company marketing materials, our VDR treats video files with the same level of security and care that we do with all of your files.

For more information on videos in Firmex, check out our Knowledge Base.


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