March 2020 Product Updates

For the month of March, we’ve revamped how documents alerts are sent from your virtual data room. And, we’re taking a closer look at bulk document downloads in your VDR.


March Improvements at a Glance

Learn about the latest feature updates to your virtual data room in this video with Ronen Segall, our Product Education Manager.

Streamlining Email Notifications for a Better Experience

Firmex sends out document activity notification emails whenever new documents are available in your project. These email digests contain up to 100 documents.

So, if a user uploads 4,000 documents overnight, you’ll receive up to 40 emails in your inbox. 

This month, we’ve redesigned the document activity notification email! You’ll now receive just one email, containing up to 100 documents, and a link to the remaining documents.

Firmex Power Tools: Bulk Download by Group

This past month, a lot of our users were requesting a feature that’s already available in our product: bulk downloading of documents by group. Administrators can enable bulk download as a default through the Settings > Options window.

Or, administrators can choose to enable or disable bulk download by group, through the Groups & Users tab, under All Groups.

Learn more about enabling bulk download by group.


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