April 2020 Product Updates

In this April release, we’re revisiting admin tools that help you manage storage space in your project. We’re also introducing a new report column that helps you avoid project overage costs.


April Improvements at a Glance

Learn about the latest feature updates to your virtual data room in this video with Ronen Segall, our Product Education Manager.

Sizing Up: File Size Added to Export Index Report

This month we’ve released a new column in the Export Directory Report, showing the size of each document in your project. Knowing the size of documents helps administrators better identify placeholder documents (those that are 0MB in size), as well as very large documents and folders.

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Tip of the Month: Understanding Your Project Storage

There are several tools in your VDR that help you better understand your project’s storage use.

The Project Storage Report gives you a summary of your project’s size, as well as its document count by file type. Storage is displayed by current versions (purple) and all versions of documents (pink). You may remove older versions of documents using the bulk download tool to free up space.

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