August 2020 Product Updates

For the month of August, we’re highlighting how to better manage communication and collaboration inside of your virtual data room.


August Improvements at a Glance

Handling Questions and Answers in the Virtual Data Room

In this video our Product Education Manager, Ronen Segall, shows you how to leverage the Q&A module in your VDR.

Support Activity Reporting

This month we’ve also released a new report called Firmex Support Activity. It shows administrators when Firmex’s Product Support Experts have been inside your VDR assisting your users, as well as your team. It’s part of the excellent customer support we provide, and every time our assistance is requested, an entry is logged in this report. Visit our Product Updates page to learn more.

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Q&A Module: A Simple Tool to Manage the Conversation

No matter what type of project you’re running, you’re receiving a lot of questions and follow-up inquiries. For example, questions about deadlines, clarification around finances, and interest around lease agreements, just to name a few. 

Firmex’s Q&A module centralizes all of these questions and their associated answers. Your Q&A module dashboard keeps track of all incoming questions and color-codes them based on what time they’ve been open. In one glance you see each question’s priority, its category, what questions have been answered, and which are still outstanding.

For unanswered questions, you can see exactly who they’ve been assigned to, and if needed, follow-up with those responsible. Using Firmex’s Q&A module allows you to easily and efficiently manage the conversation, all within your VDR. 

Document Collection in Your Data Room

Using the Q&A module is also useful for internal collaboration on document collection. When an interested party provides a request list, you can import it as questions into the Q&A module using the Excel spreadsheet template.

You can now collaborate on those items: upload documents, or assign the items to teammates. Once done, the data room is populated and ready to be shared with external parties.

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