September 2020 Product Updates

This September, we’re looking at the risks of sharing documents digitally and how Firmex’s security protocols and safeguards can help you reduce that risk.


September Improvements at a Glance

In this video our Product Education Manager, Ronen Segall, shows you the security and confidentiality tools available that put you in control of the due diligence process from your virtual data room.

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Reduce Risk by Maximizing Control and Transparency

Risk is present whenever a large number of confidential documents are being shared outside your company firewall. Firmex helps you reduce this risk by giving our data room administrators the tools they need to carefully manage their documents and control and monitor the entire process.

Let’s take you through the tools available along the process:

Tools for Transparency
Unlike email or a generic file sharing tool, a Firmex VDR offers several layers of security before a document is made available to an outside party.

Setting up a staging area prior to making documents available to your guests, as well as using the View As tool, allows you to review your project from any group or user’s point of view before moving to a live environment.

For Monitoring and Tracking
Once guests are inside your project, the Firmex VDR offers a variety of tools and reports to gauge activity within the project.

For example, the Document Activity Report lets you gauge buyer interest. It tracks which documents users have viewed, even if a document has been downloaded to the user’s computer.

For Document Level Control
Firmex VDR controls can be set at the group, user, and folder level. You can disable saving of a document, or if you allow the document to be downloaded, you can lock it to a user’s computer to prevent further sharing.

You can choose to display a dynamic watermark every time the document is viewed or printed.

Finally, you can set expiry access to all documents at a future date, or immediately by deactivating the user.

By using these tools, Firmex puts you in control of the entire diligence process, reducing the risk when sharing confidential files outside of your company.

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