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CEO Facepalm moments

Sometimes powerful and accomplished people do really, really stupid things. Things so stupid, you have no choice but to bury your face deep in your palm and hope it's all a dream. These are facepalm moments, and for years, some of...

Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Yale are considered to be the top four business schools in America. Here are some of their most famous graduates.

From an early age, Warren Buffett was destined for success. However, it didn't come without a few hard lessons. Firmex brings together a collection of Warren Buffett's greatest hits & misses.

In my review of countless pitch books from M&A advisors and investment bankers, I've compiled a list of common mistakes and tips for crafting the perfect pitch book.

The title of this article might lead one to conclude that this piece is about public companies. While that is true to a large extent, activist shareholders & corporate governance is a topic that applies surprisingly well to private companies where the company stock is held by multiple shareholders.

Excel is one of the most common software tools used by investment bankers, accountants, and finance professionals, and at the core of many critical financial operations. While an astute attention to detail is essential for the job, most finance professionals, like the rest of us, are still prone to human error. Phone calls, chatty coworkers, and coffee breaks are common reasons people make data entry errors, such as skipped entries or transposed numbers.
Think Cyber Threats Don't Impact You? Think Again.

Despite enormous and increasing resources devoted to protecting confidential information, security breaches continue to plague the legal industry. Hackers are deploying some of the most sophisticated attacks ever seen, and law firms are a primary target. Law firms are storehouses of...

Comprehensive due diligence is essential to any successful M&A deal. But getting a complete and transparent view of the financial, operational and cultural characteristics of an acquisition target isn't always easy. Some of the biggest brands in the world even make...

Today, we once again enjoyed our third collaborative Master Class with Andrew J. Sherman, author and Partner at Jones Day.