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It’s the moment soccer fans around the world have been gearing up for: The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The poshest among them have booked flights, hotel suites and, of course, stadium tickets. Other fans will flock to the city and...

The FIFA scandal, or what the IRS’s Richard Weber nauseatingly called “The World Cup of Fraud” just last week, started as a simple matter of “fat cat wasn’t paying his taxes.” The breadth and scope of the indictments against fourteen of...

After years of controversy, FIFA has announced that it will ban third party ownership of football players. Firmex takes a closer look at this popular deal-making practice, and why it's so controversial.

The bidding has begun for the Buffalo Bills, with a rumored 8 bidders. We're following the story, and look back at some of the biggest sporting deal in U.S. history. Were they worth it?
When Did Athletes Start Getting Rich?

When it comes to sports, it pays to be at the top of your game, but professional athletes weren't always paid well. See what historical events changed everything.

Gareth Bale's €100m transfer to Real Madrid was labelled the “craziest deal in the history of football,” but a closer look at the ROI of top football players suggests that it might not be so crazy after all.

Since the early ‘90s, the football industry has seen a sharp rise in player transfer fees. Here are the 10 biggest of all time.

Once dubbed “the people’s game,” football, soccer, or whatever else you want to call it, has transformed into a billion-dollar business. See how much player transfer fees have risen over the last 120 years.