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A winning pitchbook couples quantitative facts with a strong narrative about the company. Private equity expert, Sumeet Shah, shares his pitchbook tips.
Jimmy Choo IPO: If The Shoe Fits, List It!

With Jimmy Choo now a publicly-traded company, we recap how this luxury footwear brand came to be such a global phenomenon. It's humble beginnings may surprise you.
Can Lawyers Learn to Love IT?

According to ILTA's new Legal Technology Future Horizons report, learning to love IT will be the most difficult emotional shift for lawyers in the next decade. Jeff Brandt explores the role of fear and deficiencies in Legal IT adoption.

In my review of countless pitch books from M&A advisors and investment bankers, I've compiled a list of common mistakes and tips for crafting the perfect pitch book.

While we may not often think about it, the practice of mining affects all of our daily lives. From the cars we drive, to the cell phones we use, the utensils we eat with, and the money we spend - all...

Coins, notes, plastic cards, electronic transfers - our society has come a long way in how we pay for goods and services. No matter how it's exchanged, money plays a massive role in all our lives. It can dictate everything from our social status and quality of life, to our career choices and retirement plans.

The concept of money and finance is one that stretches back thousands of years. Commodity markets in their earliest form are believed to have originated somewhere between 4,500 BC and 4,000 BC! Today, business and finance is the lifeblood of any society, and something we often take for granted as a way of life. But the financial market doesn’t always work smoothly.
A Career In Investment Banking: Worth The Investment?

Each year, thousands of the brightest minds, from the world’s best schools, decide venture into the world of investment banking. Entering the competitive world of high finance has some clear advantages; great pay, high-profile deals and phenomenal training. However, its definitely not for...