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When Yahoo came clean on its back-to-back data breaches last year, Verizon had some soul-searching to do: Would it toss its hands up and walk away from the $4.83 billion deal, blow half a year studying the financial impact of the...
Think Cyber Threats Don't Impact You? Think Again.

Fact: Cyber criminals and nation states are having great success in penetrating our cyber defenses. Businesses, especially those involved in international mergers, acquisitions, hostile take-overs and IPOs, are targets, and the threats are significant.

Earlier this year, several banks' websites became victims of cyber attacks. Hackers were able to launch denial-of-service attacks using a bank employee’s privileged login details. The employee's information was used to access a master payment switch for issuing wire transfers. With...

As corporations become more reliant on modern technology, they also become more vulnerable to online attacks. Corporate cyber crimes are on the rise, and can cause serious harm to an organization’s bottom line. In 2010, the Ponemon Institute estimated that the average cost to companies affected by cybercrimes was $3.8 million per year. That rose by a staggering 56% in 2011, to $5.9 million per year!