The Firmex Deal Flow Bulletin: Q3 2021

The Firmex Deal Flow Bulletin uses data on virtual data room openings to forecast the volume of deals for Q3 2021.

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  • In tracking new Q2 data room activity, Firmex forecasts a strong Q3 with a 32% increase in deal announcements over Q3 2020 and a 9% increase over Q3 2019.
  • Most respondents are feeling positive (51%) or very positive (22%) about the M&A market in Q3. Negative sentiment has seen a dramatic drop quarter-over-quarter from 11% in Q2 to 1% in Q3. 
  • For the second quarter in a row, those surveyed have reported an increase in deal volume (54% in Q2 versus 67% in Q3.)
  • 72% of respondents think the deal market is going to increase in the next 3 months. 24% expect no change and only 4% see a decrease in deal volume over the next three months. 
  • Strategy and Synergy is the top challenge (39%) M&A advisors expect to face in Q3 when it comes to creating value post-transaction, followed by Sustainable Growth (27%), and People and Culture (15%).
  • 60% of respondents expect the average number of deals their company closes to increase in Q3. Only 4% expect to see a decrease.
  • The majority of those surveyed (60%) see buyer and seller valuation as the primary challenge to completing a deal this quarter, an increase from 49% in Q2.

A New Forecast for Deal Volumes

Along with our forecast for deal flows in Q3 2021, The Firmex Deal Flow Bulletin presents readers with a glimpse of what advisors are anticipating for their deal volumes, what they expect to see from active sellers, and the key challenges they face for completing deals.

Readers of the bulletin will come away with deal volume insights gained from knowledge of virtual data room activity. You’ll also get a grasp of what current M&A advisor sentiment is for the M&A market for the rest of the year, including the impact of COVID-19.

Finally, readers will learn how Firmex’s forecast compares with the first-hand experience of M&A advisors and their own perception of the state of deal volumes for the middlemarket.

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