25% Faster Downloads, Simplified Large File Management

Announcing accelerated download speeds and new in-browser file download limits.


Most files stored in Firmex VDRs are small, easily managed and near-instantaneous to upload and download. But as large files become more commonplace in M&A diligence, we noticed that some users were occasionally waiting for large downloads, interrupting their workflow.   

We also noticed that working with large files was more complicated than it needed to be, with users downloading desktop software or re-assembling multi-part .zip files because files were bigger than could be managed in-browser.

What’s improved?

This month we made every Firmex VDR better and faster by releasing changes to the file download speed and in-browser file download limits. Specifically:

  • Download speeds for single file downloads have been improved by up to 25%.  Small files still download in an instant.  Large files will download noticeably faster.  
  • To keep large file management as simple as possible, we’ve increased the in-browser download limit from 1GB to 20GB.  That new limit will cover more than 99.5% of all the files stored in Firmex VDRs.  It will be a rare occasion that you can’t download a file from inside the browser.

What’s staying the same?

We’ve made some pretty dramatic changes to the speed of all downloads, and the in-browser size limits of single file downloads.   We have not changed the bulk download process.  What does this mean? 

Bulk downloads will continue to be delivered as .zip file(s) in 5GB parts.  So, a bulk download of less than 5GB will be delivered as a single .zip file, between 5GB and 10GB as two files, and so on.    You’ll need to re-assemble these .zip files using a desktop tool like Winzip or Winrar. 

While bulk downloads will continue to operate the same way, you will notice an improvement in the time it takes for bulk downloads to complete, as we’ve been able to make optimizations to the back-end processing time.


If you have questions about downloading documents in a Firmex VDR, you can contact our support team 24/7/365.


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