Our Biggest Upload Capacity Upgrade Ever

Announcing new industry-leading in-browser upload limits

We know ease of managing your files is at the very core of what you need your VDR to do. Recently, we rolled out file management enhancements that increased the in-browser single file download limit from 1GB to 20GB, and improved download speeds by 25%. But we know that downloading your files is only half of the story – you want uploading your files to be as quick and easy as possible, too.

What’s improved?

This month we made every Firmex VDR easier to use by improving the in-browser file upload limits. Specifically:

  • To keep large file management as simple as possible, we’ve increased the in-browser upload limit from 10GB to 50GB. That’s up to 20,000 files! Now you can manage even your largest uploads without the complications related to desktop software installation, for a faster, hassle-free upload process.
  • This new upload limit applies to both single file and multi-file uploads, so even your massive, single 50GB files can be uploaded without additional software.

This will be especially helpful for users in the Energy and Resource sectors, who we know often manage files significantly larger than users in other industries.

What’s staying the same?

  • Your storage allotment remains as outlined in your agreement with Firmex. This is a technical improvement that enables users to upload more/larger files at once on the site, and does not impact your individual contract allotments.
  • The speed of your uploads will not be affected by these changes. This will continue to be determined by each user’s individual ISP (internet service provider).


Should you have any questions about how to upload documents using Firmex, our 24/7/365 Support team is always available to lend a hand, should you need it.


Brought to you by Team Firmex.