The 2015 World Series is offering up a ton of symbolic comparisons. For some, the New York Mets (short for Metropolitans) represent Wall Street suits and big city life, while the Kansas City Royals (named after a rodeo) are standing in for the typical American...

The FIFA scandal, or what the IRS’s Richard Weber nauseatingly called “The World Cup of Fraud” just last week, started as a simple matter of “fat cat wasn’t paying his taxes.” The breadth and scope of the indictments against fourteen of...

After all the guessing and bracket busting, we're finally there: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Duke are in the Final Four, and in a week, only one team will be left standing. The NCAA Tournament is arguably the biggest sporting event...

After years of controversy, FIFA has announced that it will ban third party ownership of football players. Firmex takes a closer look at this popular deal-making practice, and why it's so controversial.
When Did Athletes Start Getting Rich?

When it comes to sports, it pays to be at the top of your game, but professional athletes weren't always paid well. See what historical events changed everything.

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Vladimir Putin

Sochi's spectacular Winter Olympics is now all but over, but was it worth the $52 billion price tag?  We take a closer look at the extraordinary costs associated with the event, where the money came from, and who benefited the most. The...