How to Gauge Interest in Your Deal with Firmex VDR Reporting

When multiple parties are involved in a deal, it can be difficult to determine who is really interested and who is just kicking the tires. In this short video, we show you how Firmex VDR reporting provides valuable insight into how serious users are about your deal.


With a Firmex Virtual Data Room, from the moment you invite a user to enter your site, you see every action they make in the data room: When they’ve logged in, how long they’ve been logged in for, and what documents they are accessing. You can even tell, based on their IP, whether they are using their home or office computer to access your site. All of this can shed light on a user or group’s interest in your deal.

If you’re in the midst of a fundraising round, for example, Firmex’s reporting can help you identify your most serious potential investors. Alan Ahlgren, CFO of Graphite One Resources Inc. explains:

“If we have someone spending two and a half minutes in the data room, we know they’re probably not all that interested. But if we have another investor fishing around for four weeks straight looking at documents, clearly they have more interest. It’s also handy to see the specific documents people are looking at because it gives us an indication of where they see the risk in investing.”

— Alan Ahlgren, CFO & Corporate Secretary, Graphite One Resources Inc.

Likewise, in a sell-side due diligence transaction with multiple bidder groups, the ability to track data room activity and see what documents people are looking at using Firmex’s reporting functions is invaluable. If you see that one group is burning the midnight oil reviewing tons of documents while another group has spent little or no time reviewing documents, which bidder would you say is more serious?

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

With Firmex VDR reporting, when a user clicks a document, you see which document they’ve clicked. You have complete visibility, and control, whether a document has been printed, viewed, or saved. If you’ve allowed the document to be downloaded, you can even track when the document has been opened or printed, from the user’s own computer.

Any of these reports can also be run at the company level, to provide a summary of all the user’s activities.

The % accessed report shows you a comparison of all the project’s companies, and the percentage of documents they’ve opened, and haven’t.

You can drill-down into the report to see a breakdown of the users, and even further, to get a breakdown of the documents that the user has viewed.

All of Firmex’s reports can be exported to Excel, for you to do your own detailed analysis.

If you’re using Q&A, there are reports built specifically for Q&A showing you which groups are asking questions, what they’re asking questions about, and where within your team are the answers residing.

With Firmex VDR reporting, you’ll gain a highly effective barometer for gauging user interest, so you can focus your efforts where they’re more likely to contribute to a successful outcome.


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