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Graphite One Resources Stays Investment-Ready with Firmex

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Graphite One Resources Inc. continues to evaluate its Graphite Creek Project, which could see the company become an American producer of high grade Coated Spherical Graphite primarily for the lithium-ion electric vehicle battery market. The project, located about 50 miles from Nome, Alaska, is a large graphite deposit in the US and could supply the nation’s graphite needs for decades.

If your familiarity with graphite begins and ends with the No. 2 pencils you used in school, you might be surprised to learn that the anode in lithium ion batteries is made out of graphite and there are substitutes. The lithium-ion battery pack that powers the Tesla S-class electric car, for example, contains about 85 kg of graphite.

In this case study, Alan Ahlgren, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary, Graphite One Resources Inc., discusses the need for junior mining companies and startups to be investment-ready at a moment’s notice. He explains how Graphite One prepared the way for successful fundraising by implementing a Firmex virtual data room to organize and share confidential information for investor due diligence.

We set up the Firmex virtual data room because we needed a secure environment where we could disclose confidential information to potential investors without having to worry about sensitive documents floating around or falling into the wrong hands. Alan Ahlgren, CFO & Corporate Secretary, Graphite One Resources Inc.

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