The Many Benefits of Online Collaboration

In my last post we discussed how digital dictation systems can offer busy lawyers much-needed flexibility in the creation of legal documents.  The next step, once you’ve created documents using digital dictation, is to store your documents online using virtual document management and collaboration systems. These convenient and efficient online platforms offer lawyers a 21st Century alternative to traditional document management systems.

Web-based document management and collaboration platforms offer lawyers the freedom to access their stored documents no matter where they happen to be. Online storage offers flexibility and helps attorneys quickly and easily access client files from any location. In other words, virtual data rooms provide lawyers with the ability to practice law in a paperless office, without walls.

Online document storage also benefits clients. Clients no longer have to call the office to request a copy of a document in their file. Instead, the client can simply access the entire file at their convenience using the online platform.

Another benefit is that clients won’t have to take time off from work to meet with their attorney for simple document review and revision.  Instead, lawyers who use web-based document management can offer clients the option to collaborate online with the lawyer. From the convenience of their homes, clients can review, comment on and make changes to a document that is in the process of being created, which can be a true time-saver for everyone involved.

There are vast assortments of online storage platforms available but very few are designed to meet the needs of law firms. However, Firmex offers an online document storage and sharing solution specifically for lawyers.

Firmex provides secure, virtual data rooms, which can be used in a legal corporate environment to manage online due diligence, exchange closing drafts or create digital record books. Litigators can use Firmex’s virtual data room to upload and share litigation documents quickly, efficiently and economically. Finally, the online virtual data rooms can be used to securely store client files and allow client access to important files.

Debbie Stephenson

Debbie Stephenson is a former Content Marketing Manager at Firmex.