The 10 Weirdest Wall Street Gifts on eBay

We scoured eBay to find the strangest, funniest, and sometimes awesomest Wall Street-related trinkets and swag available.

‘Tis the season to be tacky! Maybe you have your ugly Christmas sweater game locked down, but you don’t have this stuff. We had some fun searching eBay for the weirdest Wall Street-related trinkets and swag available for sale right now. Some of it downright bizarre and inexplicable, like the mysterious Gordon Gekko rap record from 2001, and some of it, like the Leonardo DiCaprio Earrings, just makes you want to ask, “Why, cruel world?” The rubber duckies, though – we actually want those.

Enjoy the list below, and happy holidays!

Wall Street Snowflake Christmas Ornament – $28.72


Bonus: Can be used as a Ninja Star during the other 364 days of the year.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street Earrings – $11.99


You also get Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic. We asked if the quarter was included but haven’t heard back yet.

Harry Markopolos’s High School Yearbook – $54.99


Of course it makes sense to own the high school yearbook of the guy who blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff. We don’t think this needs explaining. What does need explaining is why his name is spelled Harry Markopolis. Did no one ever listen to him, even in high school when he told teachers his last name? Or is this fraudulent merchandise? We think it’s more likely the former. Source: Those eyebrows.

Pink Pig Figurines in Rocking Chairs Reading The Wall Street Journal – $30.00


For your office desk or something.

1994 Annalee Decorative 8″ Christmas Wall Street Dress-Up Girl – No bids yet


Seriously, no bids yet. This is a steal.

Bootleg Wolf of Wall Street T-Shirt – $35


No one asked for this.

Gordon Gekko Hip-Hop Record – $4.39


This isn’t Wall Street merch per se, but rather a single by an actual hip-hop artist who goes by Gordon Gekko that came out in 2001. We haven’t found a recording online or any other useful information, so the only way to hear it is to buy it. Can’t help being curious, right?

Wall Street Dish Towels – $29.00


Get these for your mom. She’ll put them in the bathroom and they’ll spark countless conversations starting with, “Oh, my kid got me these. He/She works in finance and we’re so proud.” She’ll appreciate this.

Wall Street Bull in a Neon Frame – $29.99


This seems kind of cool until you actually think about owning it and hanging it in your living room with the frame turned on. Don’t be that person.

Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger Rubber Duckies, 2015 Edition – $24.95


First passed out to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders at their 2013 meeting, these rubber duckies have become an annual tradition and an instant collectors item. These are the most recent ones, as well as well as the 50th anniversary edition. There are no jokes to be made. They’re just great.


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