10 Brain Teasers from Investment Banking Job Interviews, Part II

Here's our latest resource for bankers everywhere: brain teaser practice questions taken from job interviews. 

Here’s our latest practice resource for aspiring bankers everywhere, and those who just want to test themselves and have some fun! Building on what was our most popular quiz so far, we’re doing 10 more brain teaser questions pulled from investment banking job interviews. These were reported on websites and forums where bankers go to share war stories, like Wall Street Oasis, iBankCareer.com, Glassdoor.com, and AskIvy.net, so you know they’re the real deal. As with all of our quizzes, do them as you would in an interview setting, without a calculator or the internet to help you. It’s all about thinking on the fly, staying calm, and trying to take apart tough (or, sometimes deceivingly easy) problems. Good luck!


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