Virtual Data Rooms Offer a Secure Alternative to Email

As discussed last week, the unencrypted email systems used by most law firms are inherently insecure and place confidential client data at risk.

However, there are secure alternatives to email, using cloud computing products, like Firmex online document workspace, that incorporate some form of encrypted client communication into their platforms. These cloud computing platforms provide lawyers with a ready-made solution to the problem of unencrypted, insecure email.

There are a number of products available that allow attorneys to securely exchange large volumes of confidential documents and information with opposing counsel, clients and others. For example, law firms can use secure virtual data rooms such as those provided by Firmex, to collaborate and communicate with other users, manage online due diligence, exchange closing drafts, create digital record books, share litigation documents, and secure client access to important files.

Firmex’s secure virtual data rooms are SaaS-based, so attorneys can access their them wherever the Internet can be accessed. There’s no need to install and maintain costly servers and software. Instead, lawyers can simply and safely log on and access their data room from anywhere.

The electronic data rooms are extremely secure, thus allowing for safe, uncompromised communications. The primary hosting facility has bank level security,  SAS 70 Type II Compliant Data Centre, the server has load balancing and redundancy, and incorporates real-time fail-over and off-site back-up. The virtual data rooms are protected by: 1) 128-bit SSL security certificates for data encryption, 2) network firewalls, anti-virus and anti intrusion applications, and 3) an industry top-rated application firewall that actively monitors user behavior to ensure it is within acceptable parameters of application use; unusual behavior is flagged and the user session terminated automatically.

Because most email platforms are inherently insecure, more lawyers, with client confidentiality in mind, will begin to seek encrypted alternatives for secure communication and document exchange. Firmex’s online data rooms are a great choice, offering law firms a secure, encrypted alternative to the unencrypted, insecure email systems that many law firms currently use.


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