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The Essential Guide to Audits Using a Firmex Virtual Data Room

Ronen SegallJul 14, 2016
Can you imagine running an M&A deal without the use of a Virtual Data Room? Neither can we. Now, the same principles that made VDRs indispensable to M&A are being applied to the complex world of audits. Audits are lengthy, …
Market Reports

Firmex Releases Mid-Market M&A: Deal Environment for Sellers report with Mergermarket

greg bouchardJun 23, 2016
New Report Shows Selling Opportunities in Mid-Market M&A Abound, Despite Dip in North American Deal Activity TORONTO – June 22, 2016 – Business owners can best position themselves for sale in the current environment by performing rigorous sell-side due diligence, …
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Data Room News x Thought Leadership

Virtual Data Rooms: Not Just a Fancy Dropbox

Paul ClementApr 19, 2016
Since joining Firmex at the beginning of February of this year, I have had a number of conversations with friends, colleagues and old connections about my new role and what exactly Firmex does. To provide a little bit of background, …
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The Essential Guide to Private Equity LP Reporting with a Firmex Virtual Data Room

Ronen SegallApr 1, 2016
You know you can use Firmex virtual data rooms for deals, but did you know that 44% of Firmex’s Private Equity clients also use Firmex to distribute their LP reporting materials? The reasons are convenience, relevance, and empowerment. Convenience means …
Market Reports

Firmex and Mergermarket Release Study on the Valuation Gap in Mid-Market M&A

Greg BouchardMar 24, 2016
Macroeconomic downturn may temper seller expectations, allowing buyers and sellers to finally find consensus on valuations. TORONTO, ON, MARCH 09, 2016 – Amidst a valuation gap between buyers and sellers, corporate cash holdings and private equity dry powder remain at …
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Five ways a virtual data room can prevent M&A deals from unraveling

FirmexMar 14, 2016
With the ubiquity of business-oriented cloud services and their use as vessels to store everything from company portfolio stances to financial data, acquisition and divestiture postures, it is no wonder that unsecured clouds have become easy targets for hackers, and …
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Three Tips for Running a Successful Legal Client Extranet

Ronen SegallFeb 19, 2016
Law firms can benefit immensely from an efficient and secure client extranet. When it comes to sharing documents like contracts, court filings, agreements, and files with clients and other attorneys, there’s no room for a breach of privileged information, and …
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Market Reports

New Report Finds Growing Data Security Risks for Businesses and Their Advisors in the M&A Space

Greg Bouchard
Data based on a poll of 152 industry insiders conducted by Firmex shows minimal measures being taken against mounting cybersecurity threats. Toronto – February 18, 2016 –  Data breaches and cyber-attacks are rising among business and their advisors, but M&A …
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Thought Leadership

The six qualities of a great software vendor

Janette NicholsonFeb 5, 2016
Janette Nicholson is a Learning Technologist at McMillan, LLP, an international law firm specializing in business law, financial services, commercial real estate, competition/antitrust, and natural resource law. A longtime client of Firmex, McMillan uses our virtual data rooms for their …
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Firmex releases "Groups" feature for virtual data rooms

Greg BouchardFeb 3, 2016
Firmex, a global provider of virtual data rooms (VDRs) and a secure document sharing platform, today released Groups, a new feature that allows project administrators to organize users into a number of intuitive categories with customized folder permissions. Groups makes …