Body Language in the Boardroom, Part I

In 2012, social psychologist Amy Cuddy gave a Tedx talk in which she said that body language affects not only how others see us, but how we see ourselves. Our body language often reveals what we’re thinking or feeling on the inside. To succeed professionally, you’ve got to fake it til you make it.

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Many of us are fascinated by the concept of body language, but don’t understand how to use it to our advantage. We recently engaged the help of body language expert Ric Phillips, to walk us through how to use body language effectively in the boardroom.

In this quick video, Ric outlines:

  • How to present with confidence, even when you are nervous
  • How to sell your ideas with conviction
  • How to read body language, so you can steer your presentation in the right direction

Debbie Stephenson

Debbie Stephenson is a former Content Marketing Manager at Firmex.