Quiz: 10 valuation questions from analyst job interviews

Technical questions are the most dreaded part of any finance job interview. Try these valuation questions for practice.

We’re back with another quiz designed to help you prepare for that big job interview. We’ve already covered brain teasers and financial modeling technical questions, and now we’re looking at valuation technical questions that you get when interviewing for valuation firms, IB jobs, consulting, PE, and the like. They come from various sources where interviewees have reported questions they’ve received out on the battle field, or where people were kind enough to put practice problems in open online forums.

See how you do, and remember to tackle the questions as you would in an interview setting – without a calculator, and without looking up tips online. They go from easiest to hardest, and while no one is expected to get them all, the process of tackling these questions is good practice.

Sources: Wall Street Oasis, FinExecutive, and and Aswath Damodaran’s extremely helpful home page with a trove of free resources and online courses.


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