Offsite data back up: Another cloud computing benefit

One of the benefits of using a cloud computing platform in your law practice is offsite data back up and business continuity.  It’s a convenient and simple solution for data back up, it happens automatically and gives you one less thing to worry about.

Not only that–it can sometimes be a lifesaver. If your files are stored in the cloud, they are safe from inadvertent data loss caused by, for example, a local computer or server failure or a natural disaster.

For example, this article from The Telegram, describes how, in June 2010, a Canadian law firm’s office building caught on fire and the offices of the law firm, Roebothan McKay Marshall were completely destroyed.

In a statement released today, Steve Marshall, a partner with Roebothan McKay Marshall, said the firm will announce a temporary location in the coming days…” The fire will not hinder our ability to service current and future clients. Our firm’s present priority is and will continue to be providing the level of service our clients expect and deserve.” Marshall said the hard drive containing client data was retrieved and that back-up data files were also contained off-site.

Fortunately for this law firm, their data was safe. However, law offices that fail to back up their data offsite are unnecessarily risking the loss of their data. Cloud computing services are one option, automatically providing data back up and offering a safety net in the face of disaster.

Of course, this benefit is a double edged sword, since there are security issues to consider whenever you outsource the storage of confidential client data. Similarly, it’s important to ensure that your cloud computing provider has adequate procedures in place that will ensure that your data is backed up in the event that the facility that houses their main servers is destroyed by a natural disaster.

Debbie Stephenson

Debbie Stephenson is a former Content Marketing Manager at Firmex.