M&A market activity and trends

Marlin & Associates has issued our June 2011 Market Update. The M&A Market for mid-sized technology-enabled companies continues to show strength in terms of both volume and values.

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Merger and Acquisition transactions

Source: Marlin & Associates, Capital IQ and Public sources. All data as of 5/31/11. Transactions are meant to reflect overall industry rather than be a comprehensive list of all transactions.

Marlin & Associates is an independent boutique financial and strategic advisory firm and investment bank focused on advising owners and managers of U.S. and international companies that provide technology, digital information, and healthcare-related products and services. The firm is based in New York City, with offices in Washington, DC and Toronto, Canada and has been the recipient of numerous awards including “Middle Market Corporate Deal-of-the-Year”; “Middle Market Financing Agent-of-the-Year”; “Middle Market Financial Technology Deal-of-the-Year”; “Middle Market Financial Services Deal-of-the-Year”; “Middle Market Information Technology Deal-of-the-Year”; “Middle Market Professional Services Deal-of-the-Year”; “International Technology Deal-of-the-Year”; “Middle Market Computer and Information Technology Deal-of-the-Year”; “Middle Market Financing Deal-of-the-Year”; and “Middle Market International / Cross-Border Deal-of-the-Year”.  In addition Marlin & Associates has twice been named as the “Middle-Market Investment Bank of the Year.”

M&A’s senior members have come together from some of largest and most prestigious global companies. Our professionals include executives with operating backgrounds as well as investment bankers with extensive transactional experience. Together, they have advised on over 200 successfully completed transactions in eleven countries.

Debbie Stephenson

Debbie Stephenson is a former Content Marketing Manager at Firmex.