Golf Course Chic: How to Look Good on the Green this Season

The PGA championship will no doubt be on everyone’s minds as you stroll along the golf green in the weeks to come, courting clients or relaxing with colleagues. Because there’s no official uniform, golfers have uniquely free reign over what they sport on the course. Nike checks abound and the Under Armour X is steadily becoming more visible, with Jordan Spieth and other notable golfers joining the brand’s roster of sponsored athletes. And then there are the John Dalys of the game, the rebels without a cause who are there to play the game by their own terms. Who knew there were golf renegades?

John Daly walks down the 9th hole during the first round of the Transitions Championship at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club. (Source: Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Whatever your style is, we have plenty of suggestions that will have you styling on the green over the next few months of the golf season.

A pro in more ways than one: Michelle Wie


What we love:

Michelle’s outfit above is perfect for the fact that it abides by the conservative rules of the golf course while still not boring us with unremarkable conformity. Small rebellions are sometimes the sweetest.

Note the textured white gloves: a stylish accent with a functional element of breathability and protection from calluses. Directly below, a tasteful gold bracelet situated to perfect hug Wie’s arm and not get lost in the opening of the glove. A little jewelry on the course brings a high fashion flair to your sporty ensemble. A pop of bold yellow is the perfect choice for Wie to be a stand-out while still having a classic appeal with a soft summer hue. Lastly, to really make the outfit her own, she’s got a choker with her first initial on it, and a tee tucked into the side of her crisp, white visor.

Get the look:

Nike Aerobill Women’s Golf Visor – $22

Nike Zonal Cooling Women’s Sleeveless Golf Polo – $70

Ralph Lauren Pineapple Print Golf Skort – $145

Nike Tour Women’s Golf Glove – $30

Ralph Lauren Link Charm Bracelet – $50

Nike Women’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe – $80

A champ sartorialists can get behind: Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson (Photo: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports)

What we love:

Ok, sure, the Internet is very much in love with golf pro Adam Scott at the moment, especially since he’s recently teamed up with Uniqlo on a men’s golf clothing line. Golf gear hasn’t seeped into street culture the way baseball jerseys or basketball shoes have, so kudos to Scott for collaborating with such a trendy fashion brand. That said, in all honesty, Scott has a much more interesting look off the field than he does when he’s playing golf. So instead, dear readers, we encourage you to step into the future by taking notes from the quirky style of Bubba Watson. He’s not afraid of color, rocking brands that are taking a much less antiquated approach to golf gear, and we’re all for it.

To achieve a look like Watson’s, it’s best to step away from traditional golf brands entirely and purchase from companies that don’t have any hangups with representing the new era. Proceed with caution, however, if the new brand seems to a bit left of center with their messaging. It is possible to have a youthful vibe and still be a serious contender, on and off the green, if you’re mindful of your company’s tastes! Here is what you’d need to create a Watson-esque look with class and a futuristic flair.

Get the look:

PING Tour Mesh Hat – $14

Lindeberg – Limited Edition Art Polo # 3 – $217

G/FORE Straight Leg Stretch Trousers (Snow) – $165

G/FORE – The Collection Gloves (Charcoal) – $35

G/FORE Tuxedo Gallavanter – $225

Tee up your own style

As you step onto the green to mix business with pleasure this summer, don’t be intimidated by the golf styles of old. Just as your team likely values you for your ingenuity and fresh ideas, the same can be said for being a style inspiration: people will remember if you dress as much for yourself as you do for the occasion. So, step onto the green with style this season and find that perfect balance between the sensibility of days gone by and the punchy fashion opportunities that are uniquely appropriate during the months of summer heat. What are your go-to tips for being stylish on the green?

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Nicole Edwards

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