10 Companies Back from the Dead

There is no greater truth in business that nothing in permanent. A company must adapt and change in order to survive. Here's 10 companies that did just that

There is no greater truth in business than nothing is permanent; no idea immortal, no brand untouchable. Companies must evolve to remain competitive and survive. Not doing so can be fatal, as was the case for Enron, Swissair, Blockbuster, Encarta, Polaroid, Betamax, Borders and many more.

However, not all struggling businesses are destined to fail. Many have managed to claw their way back and turn things around. Through new leadership, new business strategies and product innovation, some companies have been able to reverse the curse, and untangle themselves from a web of disaster.

In the “spirit” of Halloween, Firmex has brought together a list of companies who were at death’s door, but refused to throw in the towel. We hope you enjoy our list of 10 Companies Back From the Dead. After all, who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

Maria Khan

Maria Khan is an Online Search Specialist. She's been working in Digital Marketing since graduating from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts.