The Firmex Deal Flow Bulletin: Q2 2022

The Firmex Deal Flow Bulletin uses virtual data room activity to forecast the volume of deals for Q2 2022.

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Here are some key highlights from the bulletin:

  • In North America, the pace of announced deals will be up 11% from last quarter, according to a Firmex analysis of virtual deal room formation. From the same period a year earlier, deals will be down 6%. 
  • In Europe, deals will increase by 19% from the previous quarter, and 1% from a year earlier. 
  • Valuations continue to be at record highs, but a growing minority of advisors think they are heading down in the next three months.
  • The invasion of Ukraine is disrupting some business, with 40% of advisors in Europe saying the war is depressing dealmaking.
  • Private equity firms are increasingly on both sides of the table, actively buying companies and selling earlier acquisitions.
  • The market is getting bigger. There are more companies for sale and more potential acquirers.

A New Forecast for Deal Volumes

Along with our forecast for deal flow in Q2 2022, The Firmex Deal Flow Bulletin presents readers with a glimpse of what advisors are anticipating for their deal volumes, what they expect to see from active sellers, and the key challenges they face in completing deals. 

Readers of the bulletin will come away with deal volume insights gained from knowledge of virtual data room activity, as well as a grasp of what current M&A advisor sentiment is for the market for the second quarter of the year.

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