Firmex Introduces New Document Viewer That Removes Need for Plug-Ins

Firmex launches a new web-based Document Viewer to speed up the document review process, while still keeping documents secure.

Firmex is a leading virtual data room provider, supporting over 100,000 companies worldwide that need to share highly confidential documents around M&A, litigation, procurement and regulatory compliance.


Firmex’s latest product addition, the Firmex Viewer, is a web-based viewer that enables the secure review of PDF, Microsoft Office and other common document types, without the need to install plug-ins or native software applications. Users can review documents quickly and conveniently in a web browser on any computer or mobile device. In addition, a number of document protection options can be applied, including dynamic watermarks, automatic expiry, and disabled printing and copying of text.

“The Firmex Viewer is a good option for organizations who want to balance usability and security. Documents presented in the Viewer can only be seen by users with the correct username and password. At the same time, users can enjoy convenient access to documents without the added step of installing plug-ins,” said Elizabeth Caley, VP of Product Management at Firmex.

The Firmex Viewer is part of Firmex’s larger commitment to mobile compatibility. Last month, Firmex announced enhanced iPad functionality, whereby data room administrators could perform necessary administrative tasks on their iPad. “Mobile devices are an essential tool in today’s M&A environment, especially for dealmakers who need non-stop access to critical due diligence documents,” explained Joel Lessem, CEO of Firmex. “Our mobile offering continues to improve, and we’re particularly excited about the Firmex Viewer. It will make access to confidential documents more convenient, while not compromising on security,” he added. The Firmex Viewer is now available to all new and existing Firmex users.


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