The World’s Most Used Data Room

When major projects and client security are on the line, an effective and efficient virtual data room is vital. With over 15,000 data rooms opened per year and more than 80,000 projects, Firmex facilitates more projects than anyone else. We make sharing documents easy with all the features you need to maintain security and control over your data while staying compliant with major international security certifications.

Simplicity is key, which is why we emphasize features like group permissions, expire access, version control, and a dynamic table of contents as vital to the performance of your projects. With the ease of use that our data room offers, your information and the information of project participants remains in your total control.

We offer two fixed-fee pricing models, subscription and transaction. Our unlimited use subscription plans are by far a favorite, allowing our clients to run an unlimited number of projects such as M&A, Fundraising, licensing, RFP’s, and Audits, for a fixed monthly fee.

For those looking to run a single project, such as an M&A transaction, we also offer fixed project pricing, allowing you to run a single project for a flat fee.  No need to worry about page counts or untimely and costly data room overages.

Firmex allows you to put your best foot forward with deal participants by sharing documents beyond the corporate firewall in a way they expect and running high-stake projects with the same level of security as major banks and financial institutions.

Still unsure why we’re the world’s most used VDR? Below is a breakdown of what a data room is, its level of security, the industries that benefit from one, and how Firmex differs from its competitors. Keep reading to find out why we’ve been trusted to support high-stake deals since 2006.

Discover a virtual data room that's made with you in mind.

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The Value and Versatility of our Data Room

Firmex offers both a transaction-based plan as well as an unlimited use subscription plan, depending on your organization’s needs. While a transaction allows you to begin and complete a single project, a subscription gives you the option to open as many projects as necessary without any hidden fees. We believe that unexpected data overages should be a thing of the past and strive to offer you peace of mind that your VDR will be a fixed cost.

Whether you’re sharing financial documents with auditors, storing your intellectual property and financial statements in one secure place, or quickly moving your business into the diligence phase before selling, Firmex makes it easy to collaborate with participants inside and outside of your organization. 

We Keep Things Simple

Our modern product interface is clean and uncluttered to avoid any confusion that can slow you or your users down. For larger and more time-sensitive projects, you are able to quickly add users and set group-level permissions to ensure all data remains accessible and secure. We also offer administrators the ‘View As’ feature which allows you to verify exactly what users will see before they enter your data room, avoiding any oversights in permission settings.

With Firmex Single Sign On (SSO) you can access all of your company’s applications just by authenticating yourself once. User management is simplified and security is maintained with quick access removal of every Firmex site when needed.

Efficient Customer Support

Complex transactions can require a bit more support, which is why we provide 24/7/365 help to ensure that you are confident throughout the duration of your deal. From setting your room up in minutes to double checking permissions and notifications so that your data stays secure, our in-house team is available whenever needed. 

All data room participants have access to the same level of support, which means you can rest assured that there will be no call limits, wait times or outsourced call-centres to help you and your invited guests through any problems.

Discover a virtual data room that's made with you in mind.

Learn more about serious sharing by booking a live one-on-one demo.

Optimal Control of Your Data 

High-stakes projects, like M&A due diligence or sharing confidential financial documents with auditors, requires more control than generic file sharing solutions can offer. Firmex’s robust security and access controls ensure that your documents remain in your hands from when a deal is opened to when it’s closed.

A few key features offered in your Firmex data room include the ability to apply watermarks to sensitive documents, locking documents to a specific computer, restricting how much of a document certain users can view, remotely expiring access to sensitive files, and controlling whether or not a document can be saved or printed.

Our data rooms provide ultimate control so that you can always feel secure.

 Security and Compliance

Firmex uses the same data centre infrastructure as major banks and financial institutions so that you can rest easy knowing your documents are always safe and in your control. Whether at rest or in transit, our data encryption, disaster protocols, and intricate access features are designed to prevent unwanted intervention or destruction of your organization’s most sensitive information.

What to Look For in a Provider?

Value and versatility are key components in an effective virtual data room provider. Not all VDRs are created equal and so offer varying levels of security and intuitive control. For low-stake projects, generic document sharing platforms, like Google Drive and Dropbox, will work. However, when it comes to high-stakes projects that involve internal  users and third-party participants, generic just won’t cut it.

An effective data room will come with efficient customer support, available whenever, wherever you might need it. A good virtual data room provider will take your time seriously from the very beginning with a quick set-up and consistent communication throughout the duration of your project. When you invest in a data room, you are investing in your security, which is why the provider you partner with should be equipped to handle the rigorous demands of your projects..

A Data Room You Should Try

Thousands of companies have trusted Firmex with their most complex and time-sensitive deals every year. With collaborative features, optimal security, and an intuitive interface, our data room offers all the necessities for successful deal making at a fair price with no hidden fees. You can rest assured that the documents you are sharing with users inside and outside of your organization are staying in your control. 

Discover a virtual data room that's made with you in mind.

Learn more about serious sharing by booking a live one-on-one demo.

A VDR for Any Industry

With a quick and painless setup and more value for less cost, Firmex makes dealmaking and document sharing easy for any industry.

Investment Banking

Firmex enables you to efficiently manage due diligence, restrict access to confidential documents, and monitor all activity in the data room to identify serious buyers. Our VDR keeps M&A transactions moving and keeps you in control during complex financial transactions.


Share confidential data with security and ease in a Firmex Virtual Data Room. Our SOC 2 compliant solution enables you to share intellectual property and sensitive financial information while keeping data secure and in your control. Collaborate and share files with investors, partners, auditors, regulators and staff working remotely with complete confidence that your organization’s information is safe.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy companies can confidently and securely share vital documents for M&A, financing, joint ventures, environmental audits, impact assessments, and bid management with a Firmex data room. Our features ensure that nothing gets in the way of reliably sharing high volumes of technical and financial documents for RFPs, bid management or acquiring and divesting properties.

Biotech and Pharma

A Firmex VDR allows biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms to easily and securely share intellectual property and clinical trials with third parties. Our advanced data centre infrastructure and encryption ensures that your information cannot be accessed by uninvited third parties, hurting your chances of a successful licensing deal, IPO, or valuation. Firmex’s intuitive interface and versatile features allow you to stay in control of what you share and when you share it.


Our virtual data room allows mining companies to securely share high volumes of technical and financial documents, including large CAD files, with ease. In order to collaborate with investors, partners, auditors, regulators, geologists, and other experts in remote locations, your organization will require Firmex’s easy-to-use interface and effective features, provided at a simple price with no hidden fees. 


During complex transactions, such as M&A or litigation, your clients require the ease and accessibility that a Firmex data room offers. We help law firms collaborate and exchange documents faster and more efficiently so that client documents are instantly available, shareable, and auditable, 24/7.

Funds & Private Equity

With a Firmex Virtual Data Room, you can safely share large amounts of documents with limited partners, lenders, and portfolio companies to ensure companies are performing the way you and your investors expect. We allow you to keep everything organized and secure so that you can rest easy during complex transactions like investor reporting and due diligence.

Government & Infrastructure

A Firmex VDR helps you prepare for and navigate the complex management and procurement challenges involved in large-scale government and infrastructure projects. We strive to make you feel confident when sharing high volumes of technical and financial documents with data room participants inside and outside of your organization. Efficient access control features and our SOC 2 compliant solution ensure that nothing stands in the way of your RFPs, joint ventures, or public-private partnerships.

Oil & Gas

Firmex makes collaboration with investors, partners, auditors and regulators simple and efficient. It is important that you feel at ease when sharing sensitive documents during M&A, financing, joint ventures, environmental audits, impact assessments, and bid management. Make document-intensive processes that much simpler and safer with our SOC 2 compliant solution for your organization’s needs.

What is a Data Room?

A virtual data room is a secure online space for safely sharing confidential documents beyond the corporate firewall. They are primarily used for the sale of a business, however also play a significant role in secure file sharing for a variety of industries and projects, such as due diligence, litigation, auditing, etc. A data room’s specialized features are designed to make large-scale collaboration seamless and the process of disclosing sensitive information more efficient for successful deal closure.

How Secure is a Data Room?

Data rooms offer the same level of security as major banks and financial institutions, ensuring that any data you share stays in your control at all times. Along with internationally recognized security certifications, such as HIPAA and SOC, VDRs keep your information in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data centers. These centres have fire and disaster safeguards as well as keycard access and equally secure mirror sites.

Discover a virtual data room that's made with you in mind.

Learn more about serious sharing by booking a live one-on-one demo.

Furthermore, Firmex’s data rooms are equipped with two-factor password authentication, AES-256 at-rest encryption, and fully customizable settings that provide you ultimate control over your data. Document expire, version control and permission settings for deal participants are just a few ways that data rooms maintain optimal security during high-stakes projects. 


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