New Default Folder Numbering

This month we've made folder numbering more intuitive. Plus, we've released our fifth annual M&A Fee Guide.

New Default Folder Numbering

Did you know that Firmex can automatically number folders for you? This feature is especially useful when you have to insert or remove an item from a list of numbered folders.

Automatic numbering ensures accuracy and consistency in the way folders are numbered throughout your project. It reduces the opportunity for error or duplicated items, while saving you time.

Starting this month, new projects will have a default numbering schema of Roman numerals will continue to be supported, but will not be the default. This will improve the available characters in folder paths when bulk downloading.

Schema applied to existing projects will remain the same.

Learn More About Folder Numbering in Our Knowledge Base

Flexibility Through Group Reporting

We’ve released our fifth annual M&A Fee Guide 2021-2022, in partnership with Axial. As the authoritative source on M&A fees for sell-side engagements in the middle market, the guide enables M&A advisors and their clients to have more transparent conversations on advisory fees and how they’re charged. We are also excited to launch our first EMEA Edition of the report, with our partner DealCircle. Offering regionally-specific data, the report provides more insights that better align expectations for compensation on the deal.

Download The M&A Fee Guide

Ronen Segall

Ronen Segall is the Product Education Manager at Firmex. He has over a decade of experience helping guide clients through the VDR. Ronen appears regularly on the Firmex blog to explain how our product can make your life easier.