How to choose the right wallet

Your choice of wallet says a lot about you. Why would you keep hard earned dollar bills in something with a velcro closure and a change pouch?

Despite the fact that we’re quickly approaching the era of the digital wallet, most of us are still operating with good old fashioned cards and cash in our pockets. Your choice of wallet says a lot about you. Are you keeping your hard earned dollar bills in something with a velcro closure and a change pouch? Could your current wallet feasibly double as a hefty filing cabinet? If so, you might as well put your cash in your pocket and throw out whatever you’re using immediately. Your wallet is an investment piece like any other, and after considering a few of the key details outlined below, you can select one that is functional enough to house your essentials and fashionable enough to make you look like the man in charge. Before you upgrade your daily companion, keep these important considerations in mind:

Type: Bifold, Trifold, or Clip?

Start by taking an honest look through your wallet and shedding any excess. If you have a stack of business cards from the last function you attended, enter the names into your cell and toss the cards. If you have any plastic cards in your wallet that haven’t been used in 6 months, reconsider whether you need them on you daily. After the purge, you’ll have a good idea of whether you’re going to need a bifold, a trifold or a clip wallet.


A sleek leather bifold wallet is perfect for those who like to keep it in the back pocket of their pants. There is minimal bulk with a simple center fold so concealing it in a pocket is a breeze.

413-3001677-30164301_BLACK_ALT01Victorinox Altius 30 Innsbruck Wallet, $110 from Selfridges


A trifold wallet usually comes with an ID section, so if you have to use an access card at your office and don’t want to wear a tacky company lanyard, it’s the perfect way to move through a building seamlessly and stylishly.

1622653-4-4xBosca “Old Leather” Trifold Wallet, $110 from Bosca.


For an evening on the town, consider a money clip (seriously!). Take our your essential cards and some cash for the night and leave the wallet behind entirely. Money clips are a subtle wallet solution that is ideal for Spring outings where no jacket pocket or thick trouser is available to hide your usual wallet monstrosity. Whatever the case, it’s all about carrying only what you need, and doing it in style.

web MoneyClip_croc_bwn_goldM-Clip “New Yorker” Money Clip, $300 from Nordstrom

Look: Color and Material

Once upon a time, crocodile skin was the leather of choice amongst those who were lucky enough to have such luxuries. Do people wear crocodile skin outside of the bayou in 2015? No, they do not. Which begs two questions: what should a wallet be made of, and what colour is best? In the modern era, luxury and minimalism go hand in hand. Don’t rack your brain trying to think of the coolest colour combination or pattern. Do stay away from blatant prints that give away the wallet’s make upon recognition (no Burberry tartan please). Do keep it simple with a good quality leather that will match most of your shoes and belts, perhaps in an easily compatible color like black or tan. If you do have an adventurous streak when it comes to types of material, try a more subtle leather like ostrich skin. The tell-tale dots are low key, but will catch the eye of a style connoisseur and won’t scream tacky the way a snake skin accessory certainly will. So, when deciding what look and material to aim for, remember: keep it classic, match your favourite accessories, and find a high quality leather.

bi fold walletGrainy Leather Folding Wallet, $480 from Burberry

You should consider your wallet the final chance for leaving a good impression before you pick up a cheque, or pass out a business card. Just like your haircut, your shoes, and anything else you sport daily, choose wisely to set yourself apart from the packand bring out our personal style.

Nicole Edwards

Nicole Edwards is a fashion and lifestyle writer based in Toronto. She has worked as Associate Publisher of Private Islands magazine and Lifestyle Editor of Style Empire, and has contributed to NOW Magazine.