Firmex for Litigation

Firmex helps streamline the litigation process, offering a secure way to share documents outside your company firewall.

Firmex helps streamline the litigation process, offering a convenient online space to collaborate during prediscovery, and a secure way to share documents with opposing counsel and other interested parties outside your company firewall.

List of cases


For cases that are not document intensive and that live solely within your firm, your Case Management System (CMS) may be a sufficient tool. But once you start requesting and sharing documents with opposing counsel, the courts, or other offices, your CMS falls short.

A VDR is designed to help you share and track the large volume of documents that is inherent to litigation. Folder and document security lets you control access to the case’s data – who gets to see what. And because it’s cloud-based, all of the parties involved can access documents from anywhere, at anytime.

Closing Date, Stage, Client, and Matter No.

When you set up your litigation project, go to the Settings > Additional Info area. There you’ll find fields that can help you and your team identify and track your litigation case.

This information appears in the project list, which you can access by clicking your company logo.

Subpoena to produce documents

Subpoena requests for documents are lengthy and their progress is difficult to track. Firmex’s import tool lets you get started with document collection straight away and takes the guess work out of allocating tasks. The tool loads subpoena items as empty folders to your VDR, where you and your team can start dragging-and-dropping documents to them. Folder statuses and tags let you build workflows around item responsibilities, and you can restrict access to items that are outside a team’s jurisdiction.

Class action lawsuits

Handling the immense volume of users and documents in a class action lawsuit, as well as handling the shared access between you and co-counsel, is inherent to a VDR – it was built for that purpose. Our permission model lets you set up personal folders – where plaintiffs and co-counsel may upload their own information visible only to themselves – as well as shared folders visible to everyone. Tools like in-app messaging, email notifications, and task designation through comments, status, and tags, are built-in to the VDR to help you navigate the process.


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