February 2021 Product Updates

This month, we’ve made improvements to our Firmex Viewer, bringing you an easier way to view and navigate Excel files in your data room.


February Improvements at a Glance

In this video our Product Education Manager, Ronen Segall, walks you through what’s new in the Firmex Viewer and how we’ve improved the viewing experience for Excel documents.

Easier to View and Navigate Spreadsheets

We understand the importance of viewing Excel files in the data room. This month, we’ve made improvements to the Firmex Viewer to display Excel files so that it’s easier to view, navigate, and share spreadsheets, without the need for additional formatting.

All of the columns are visible in one view. Plus, you can reference specific cells by using the column and row headings.

Increased Spreadsheet Security

The improved Firmex Viewer now has the ability to tile watermarks across Excel spreadsheets, enhancing security measures on confidential documents. 

For more information about the Firmex Viewer, visit our Knowledge Base.


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