Find out what the world’s most widely used data room can do for you.

Legal extranet without limitations

Improve internal efficiencies with our affordable, turnkey legal extranet solution. Firmex makes it easy to share confidential internal documents, such as partner reports and financial audits, with multiple parties from one secure location. Login anywhere, anytime, without imitations.

1. Upload documents

Create a custom-branded site, complete with your own logo and legal disclaimer. Bulk upload documents using our simple drag and drop tool.

2. Apply security

Control access to confidential documents by setting user permissions. Users will only see the documents they are granted access to. Apply additional security at the project, folder or document level for added protection.

3. Invite users

Invite partners, board members and other relevant parties to access the data room and review information. Users will be notified via email to set up their own login credentials.

4. Track activity

Detailed reports confirm who has logged into the data room, what documents they’ve reviewed, and when they were last active.

Why build your own legal extranet solution? Firmex makes it easy.

Industry Solutions


Share confidential documents with your clients, legal team and external third parties with absolute security.


Share confidential documents beyond the corporate firewall with ease and security.


Remove the anxiety that comes with sharing sensitive intellectual property.

Mining & Resources

Share large, critical documents with partners, investors and external third parties anytime, anywhere.

Private Equity

Communicate with limited partners, lenders and portfolio companies in one secure location.

Investment Banking

Get your deal moving fast with no page counting and no cost overruns.

Uncompromising security

Our commitment to security means your confidential information remains secure. Your data is stored in a SSAE 16 Type II compliant data center, hosted at SunGard, the same company that serves the world’s 25 largest financial services firms. Learn More

A help desk that’s available 24/7/365

Our award-winning support team are deal room experts. We’ve helped take thousands of deals to close. Call us anytime, day or night. We provide immediate support 95% of the time, and you’ll never wait longer than 15 minutes, guaranteed. Learn More