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Your IP is yours. Keep it that way.

When you’ve invested years of research and millions of dollars into development, your IP needs to be protected. Sharing valuable documents with partners, IRBs, investors and outside vendors via email, FTP sites or USB can be risky. Firmex is a secure document sharing platform that organizes & protects your valuable intellectual property.

Your investment, our commitment

Exposing your IP to the wrong eyes could cause significant damage to your business. Firmex’s commitment to document security protects what you’ve spent years building. Share confidential IP with confidence.

Keep the process moving

When you’ve got a licensing deal, partnership opportunity or fundraising round to prepare for, you need to be able to share large files quickly with multiple third parties. Firmex is an online document repository that helps organize everything in one secure location, with no file size upload limits for easy distribution.

Keep costs in check

While millions are invested into your research, your IT budget is limited. Firmex is an affordable, turn-key solution for secure document sharing. Our fixed pricing model gives you complete cost certainty, with no page counting and no hidden surprises.

“This product has accelerated our transaction toward the finish line.”

– Christopher Cano, Director, Business Development at Nucryst Pharmaceuticals

Solutions for Pharmaceutical

icon-uc-mandaMergers & Acquisitions

Securely share due diligence documents with your M&A team and external bidder groups.


Share critical documents with investors, lenders, auditors, legal counsel and limited partners in one secure online location.

Joint Ventures

Share documents in an organized and professional manner using a custom branded virtual data room.

IP Licensing

Control how sensitive IP is shared with external third parties by using a secure online data room.

Uncompromising security

Firmex is designed for secure document sharing. Your data is secured in a SSAE 16 Type II and HIPAA compliant data center, hosted by SunGard, the same company that serves the world’s 25 largest financial services firms. Learn More

Unlimited support

Our in-house support team are document sharing experts. We’ll help with set up and training, and provide ongoing support, so you’ll feel confident using the data room. Call us anytime, day or night. We’re available 24/7/365. Learn More