Find out what the world’s most widely used data room can do for you.

Be organized. Be transparent.

Firmex helps streamline the procurement process by providing organization and structure. Using our secure online data room, you can collaborate with your procurement team, share tendering documents, issue the RFP, invite bidders to submit their proposals, and manage the Q&A process, with complete transparency. Getting started is easy:

1. Set up the virtual data room

Drag & drop documents into the data room. Assign administrative rights to multiple members of your procurement team, so they can upload documents too.

2. Set user permissions

Apply user permissions and folder level security for ultimate control. Upload tendering documents and RFPs into public folders, available for everyone to see. Set other folders to be private, so each supplier can upload their bids confidentially.

3. Manage Q&A

Respond to questions in a timely manner using our Q&A module. Bidders can submit questions anonymously, and answers can be shared with everyone. An unalterable audit trail maintains complete transparency throughout the process.

4. Get Notified

Get notified by email when new documents are uploaded, when new bids are received, and when new questions are submitted.

The procurement process can be complicated. Your data room doesn’t have to be.

Industry Solutions


Share confidential documents with your clients, legal team and external third parties with security and control.


Share confidential documents beyond the corporate firewall with ease and security.


Remove the anxiety that comes with sharing sensitive intellectual property.

Mining & Resources

Share large, critical documents with partners, investors and external third parties anytime, anywhere.

Private Equity

Communicate with limited partners, auditors and portfolio companies in one secure location.

Investment Banking

Get your deal moving fast with no page counting and no cost overruns.

Uncompromising security

Firmex is a secure procurement solution that balances confidentiality with transparency. Layers of security at the network, application and document level ensure nobody sees something they shouldn’t. Learn More

24/7 support whenever you need it

Our in-house support team are deal room experts. Whether it’s setting up the data room, resetting your password, or mapping out how to organize sensitive documents, no question is too big or too small for us. Call us anytime. We’re available 24/7/365. Learn More